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  • Posted to 12 Best Designed Websites of 2023, Mar 02, 2023

    This is absolute garbage

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  • Posted to Yes & No Design Studio, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Feb 26, 2020

    This! Don't make me have to figure out how to navigate the site, just make it easy! Site is cool otherwise

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  • Posted to Shared files: how do you handle this?, Jun 10, 2019

    We use Gsuite, it has Shared Drives in google drives (previously called Team Drives). Then have Google Drive file stream installed on the computer for easy access. Also we have drive integrated with Slack. We use naming conventions so that if multiple people are working on the same thing (And its not a doc that multiple people can be on at once such as a sketch file) their name is then in the file name, we will routinely merge into one "master" file.

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  • Posted to I'm redesigning my portfolio! Can you critique my old one?, Apr 23, 2019

    First note from a UX perspective you should not have your title of portfolio & case study projects only visible on hover. On mobile there is no hover so I have no way of knowing what the project is before go into it. Having project titles & description below or alongside image thumbnails will give more context and make it easier to use on mobile.

    You could possibly embed interactive prototypes directly into the site instead of just linking to them. I almost missed that you even had them available.

    Would be useful to also be able to download a PDF version of your resume.

    I agree with David , the highlights are nice in your case studies but maybe move them higher up.

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  • Posted to How do you manage Design Documentation of sketch files and handover to development?, Nov 20, 2018

    I have started making Design Readme documents, similar to whats described in this article -

    The document has links to fonts used, where files can be found on out team google drive, InVision mockups, Zeplin & Overflow.

    We use for flows. you can get an online share link for these to put on Confluence or Jira.

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to Jonathan Shariat , Oct 25, 2018

    It's still not full offline support, its a bit of a hack, you have to have files open in Figma BEFORE you go offline. As someone who combines work & travel often its just not good enough. Its 100% great though for people who always work where they have constant reliable internet access.

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  • Posted to How many hours a day are you productive?, Oct 12, 2018

    Hey I use Toggl to track my work time and I find that if I don't have a major deadline I'm productive for about 5 hours a day. If I have a big deadline this will increase (Can be dramatically). I do not track when I'm answering emails though and doing admin that can't be charged to client.

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  • Posted to Remote workers, what are your biggest struggles currently?, in reply to Emanuel S. , Oct 08, 2018

    Hi Emanuel, I don't think it's necessary to get to know people in person but it does help, thats why a lot of fully remote companies have retreats once or twice a year where they get everyone together. If there is no opportunity to meet who you will be working with in person, I think its just important to make sure there are good communication channels set up within the company, for work as well as just general "chat" with your fellow employees. I will 100% continue to work remotely, I enjoy the lifestyle. However I can't say I'd never go work in an office again, if the right opportunity came up I probably would do it for at least a short amount of time.

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  • Posted to Remote workers, what are your biggest struggles currently?, Oct 05, 2018

    Hi, I have worked remotely for two companies and I can say that in terms of cons every company is different as it depends on how long they have been using remote workers.

    The biggest Pro for me is freedom to run my own schedule and manage my time. If I need to pop out to the shop, hang the washing at home or I'm just bored of my surroundings and want to work from a coffee shop or shared office I can. The lifestyle allows me to take care of myself health wise because I have more flexibility to find or cook health food and go exercise when it suits me. It's so much better than being stuck in an office for set hours every day. Also I know when I'm most productive and can prioritise working at those times and just relax when I know I'm less likely to get work done.

    A universal Con for me is you have to be your own motivator. If you are not someone who can take initiative or need a "BOSS" hanging over you to make you work then remote working isn't for you.

    My first company I worked for I originally worked in the office so I knew everyone personally, when I moved overseas they wanted to keep me on so I started working remotely for them. I didn't find too many cons with this as I already knew how the company worked, the biggest challenge in my life then was adjusting to the culture shock of moving to very different country. (South Africa to Serbia). I did not feel lonely in this or out of touch with this company because we already had very good established processes of working and communicating together.

    In the current company I work for I only know one person well, the rest of the people in the company I have not had much contact with. As I am their first remote hire, there are not good processes in place yet for communicating & working together. I'm also not working with a team of designers, I'm the only one so I don't have anyone to really bounce ideas off of. So the cons here with this company are feeling a bit left out of the loop sometimes, feeling a bit lonely working in isolation and the difficulties of setting up communication and collaborative workflows for a company not used to remote working. (Its very hard to get people in a company to change the habits they are comfortable with).

    I believe if you were to join a company that is used to working with many remote employees many of those cons would be resolved. You can also combat loneliness by working in co-working offices (This is not avaliable to me as I live in a small town).

    I hope this has helped you! I know a lot of remote workers constantly travel and that brings it's own set of challenges. I travel and work as well, but only a few times a year, I prefer it this way.

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