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  • Posted to Does anyone here actually use UI kits?, Feb 08, 2019

    Hey man,

    Wanted to share my experience. Currently using Figma to turn around designs quick in a startup whilst also simultaneously trying to:

    1. Minimise future design debt while we work rapidly to get a product to market
    2. Works cross-platform and cross-product
    3. Has available react resources to help our developers work more efficiently

    This came in the form of:

    1. Free Material UI Kit resource for Figma - which I can use to spit out the UI for patterns quickly
    2. - which has a large part of these components + interactions built out for our devs


    Half my career has been split in agency and product and can't really find a use for a UI kit across multiple brands, I believe they're necessary when it's 1 brand across multiple applications when the brand meets some form of maturity.

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  • Posted to What Parallax Lacks, Jan 25, 2019

    What Parallacks? Missed opportunity? :)

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  • Posted to Designing Up Bank's Vertical Debit Card and Welcome Pack, Jan 25, 2019

    Huge fan of the entire experience you guys have been putting together end to end Daniel.

    I've worked in multiple different design disciplines across different industries and completely appreciate and understand the challenges you went through to maintain the quality of the experience whilst getting buy-in from stakeholders and solving cost (often going hand in hand).

    Every impression counts, especially the first, and you guys are nailing it. Even though it doesn't have all the things I need yet - I've completely switched over because of the experience and am loving the service so far. Big Ups!

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  • Posted to iOS app designers using figma, how? (vector asset question), Nov 14, 2018

    Hey dude, you can use this Figma to PDF converter:

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