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Max Penson

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  • Posted to Cyber Monday Deals, Dec 01, 2014

    Doco is now 45% off for Cyber Monday. It's a photoshop plugin to view all you open documents.

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  • Posted to Dear Adobe..., Aug 25, 2014

    You are so right, the latest Photoshop for instance has the same one document at the time interface as the first version. I always thought this could be easily improved with a simple but powerful panel that interact with all the open documents. The pain of doing simple tasks such as moving a layer between a document to a document has pushed me to develop my own solution to improve the decade old Photoshop interface. It fundamentally change my Photoshop experience.

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  • Posted to Doco - View and Manage open Adobe Photoshop Documents, Jun 30, 2014

    I created this extension because I became frustrated from how difficult it is to handle multiple documents in Photoshop, Doco is my attempt to make Photoshop a better experience. I would love to hear what you think about it.


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