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  • Posted to Whats your HTML/CSS workflow like...? Sass or Less? Tools you use...?, in reply to Rebeka Bergin , Oct 04, 2014

    Brackets is pretty sweet for CSS. It's got the benefits of using web inspector to see changes in real time, but without the usability problems. Oh, and it saves changes :)

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  • Posted to Apple Watch: Asking Why and Saying No , Sep 10, 2014

    He gets at something that bothers me -- the Watch seems to do too much, has too much overlap with phone functionality that's better executed on a phone.

    I think this "too much" contributes to the Watch's lofty price, and that the price will prevent mainstream adoption.

    I think there's value in having an external, wearable screen extend functionality of the computer in your pocket. Google Glass is a version of this, Pebble is another. There's value not just in the fact you don't have to pull out your phone from your pocket, but that it eases the connection between the network and your consciousness.

    I don't think that value is worth $350 for most people. Especially because it needs explaining.

    (I've had a Pebble for a bit over a year now. I wear it daily, but honestly if it broke tomorrow I wouldn't spend $150 to replace it. There's value in what it does, but at this point that value is only just beating out the value of not wearing it -- not keeping it charged, putting it on in the morning, etc.)

    The Apple Watch is a product I didn't expect Apple to make. I thought that if they made a wearable product that it would be (1) more about sensors than software interactions, and (2) would be so affordable everyone "might as well" get one.

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  • Posted to New Logo for the World Trade Center, in reply to Floyd Williamson , Aug 25, 2014


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  • Posted to New Logo for the World Trade Center, Aug 24, 2014

    Looks familiar.

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  • Posted to What's the most overused, design "crutch" you see most often?, Aug 19, 2014

    Right rails.

    "We need a space for ads, let's make a column for it."

    "Ooh, now we have space for all kinds of junk the reader will never interact with."

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  • Posted to Let's share Instagram accounts, Jul 10, 2014

    For the past year or so, all of my Instagram pictures come from my Micro 4/3 cameras.

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