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  • Posted to How do you create wireframes?, Dec 06, 2017

    That really depends on what and who your wireframes are for. If you're building websites and have stakeholders, like me, my team has fully switched over to Adobe XD. You can wireframe and get a clickable prototype in front of your stakeholders very quickly for your early phases, then you can iterate over that same wireframe with higher fidelity as the design comes together. You can even take a prototype and generate a public-facing URL that you can share with others, and they can drop comments on it. XD functionality is somewhat early days still; their commenting features are nowhere near as streamlined as InVision, but you can push changes up to the same URL for iteration. XD served us well rebuilding wpengine.com, and I'm sticking with it moving forward.

    I'll agree with other suggestions, also. I interact with my stakeholders in person, and a whiteboard or piece of paper is irreplaceable for ideating together during those brainstorming sessions.

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  • Posted to Someone forgot to pay their developer, Oct 29, 2015

    I think many of us have been in this position, but this is incredibly unprofessional.

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  • Posted to The Officially-Official Designer News Tee (Make Your DN Fandom Known), Sep 25, 2015


    It's $35 after shipping.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you want the ability to downvote?, in reply to Ed Adams , Sep 25, 2015

    I agree with this idea, at least on its surface. Perhaps some automation features to remove a comment after it gets marked x number of times, then perhaps locking an account after x number of comments are marked, etc.

    But it sounds like a lot of code for something that hasn't been too annoying for me yet; while I have seen spam on here, it just hasn't been that much.

    And I am also against a down voting feature, unless perhaps it is similar to Stack Overflow's, which again is quite complex and would be a good bit of code.

    We are a relatively small community, and while these features may be nice, I'd rather see efforts towards making a search feature that actually works, because there's so much great content in these archives that I have trouble finding without the Google site:designernews.co method.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Pocus — The Other Half of the Magic Mouse, in reply to Per V , Sep 13, 2015

    MM Fixed was designed by Russell Gerehan when he worked for Hybrid Racing, here in Baton Rouge. It's been available for many, many years now, and I'm shocked no other contenders have come to market yet. I say go for it if you think there's money to be made.

    Russell is designing heat exchangers for race cars and such over at Mezzo Technologies these days, so I'm sure he won't mind. And I'm starting on Mezzo's new website Monday morning!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Turn form submissions into emails (without the spam), in reply to James Futhey , Aug 31, 2015

    Thanks, James. I'm writing up a proposal for a static site this week, and this may be a perfect fit.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Turn form submissions into emails (without the spam), Aug 31, 2015
    1. Is form data stored anywhere on your server(s), or does it just pass through?
    2. Why/how is this free, and are their plans to introduce paid options?
    3. Is there a daily limit? FormSpree caps you 1,000 a day.
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  • Posted to SASS, HAML, and ... ?, Aug 29, 2015

    Since no one has focused on the fact that one of your primary frameworks is WordPress, I highly recommend the Roots stack. I wrote a bit about how it helps me over here, but it basically gives you gulp, sass, bootstrap, and development and deployment options for WordPress development.

    Aside from that, haml is for ruby, so I'm not sure how that fits into your stack, but I'd encourage you to learn slim over haml if you're looking for html templating.

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  • Posted to To use or not to use Bootstrap Framework?, in reply to James Futhey , Aug 23, 2015

    I agree with this sentiment. I'm the only creative at my current agency job, and Bootstrap has been a great tool for consistency across projects, especially for ongoing maintenance. I talked about it in an article http://hellojason.net/blog/how-bootstrap-helps-my-professional-workflow/

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  • Posted to Making 3D in CSS has never been easier, Aug 20, 2015

    y you no Firefox?

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