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  • Posted to Share your side project that became full time job, in reply to Peedu Tuisk , Dec 21, 2018

    Thanks for sharing Peedu! For BNBGOODS, what were some of the challenges you faced there?

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  • Posted to Improved search for Designer News, Aug 27, 2018

    Fantastic implementation of search for DN.

    Things I dig about it:

    1. The live search makes it seem lightning fast ⚡️

    2. Much better UX for filters (it currently requires a selection plus an extra button press before sorting, which seems clunky)

    3. The All Time, Last 24hr, Past week, etc. is great, because most of the time, I'm trying to find a recent link, not a post from 4+ years ago. Possibly even a more precise date filter could be useful?

    All in all, definitely an improvement on the existing search, and I'd love to see something like this implemented on DN.

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  • Posted to Can Anyone Recommend Some Design Podcasts on Spotify?, Jul 09, 2018

    A few of my faves:

    • Inside Intercom from Intercom: covers product design, product marketing, growth and more
    • Hustle from Funsize: product design, culture, teams, etc.
    • Games UX: UX & Gaming
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  • Posted to Google Home App - Case Study, Feb 27, 2018

    These are really well done, and I remember being impressed by these when I set up my Google Home.

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  • Posted to - The wise choice of colors, Jan 18, 2018

    This is so neat! I think it'd be cool to have some sort capabilities based on time, like "Last month" "Last 6 months" "2017" etc.

    Also, I appreciate you making the color palettes front and center, however, I don't like having to hover to view the name of each product. Maybe have the name always under each scheme? With more info potentially?

    Nevertheless, great work!

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  • Posted to Introducing, in reply to Andrey Kovalev , Oct 17, 2017

    I've been looking for an app like this for a while now. Gonna check it out and share with my team!

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  • Posted to Will visual web development change the landscape of web design?, Oct 11, 2017

    Skeptical about this. Dreamweaver was released 20 years ago and here we are. Webflow gets a lot right as a WYSIWYG, but this just seemed like an to push people onto their platform.

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  • Posted to Johnny X Ives, Sep 21, 2017

    These notch memes are getting weird.

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  • Posted to How does Ueno get clients like Airbnb, Uber, Slack?, Sep 20, 2017

    They hire external agencies for strong branding and marketing design. The companies that you mentioned have amazing product design teams, but when it comes to creating a one-off marketing site, it's often easier and cheaper to hire an agency for the work.

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  • Posted to Sketch bug keeps causing my keyboard shortcuts to stop working!, Aug 18, 2017

    I was told that it's a Craft bug.

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