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  • Posted to List of Well Designed Corporate Websites, in reply to Taulant Sulko , Oct 02, 2015

    why create needless dissonance between a potential customer and their input device?

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  • Posted to List of Well Designed Corporate Websites, in reply to Kyle Conrad , Sep 30, 2015

    scrolljacking is generally considered harmful to ux and accessibility

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  • Posted to iPhone 6s Product Page: Realtime reflection rendering using WebGL, Sep 16, 2015

    Effect visible when scrolling... direct link: iPhone 6S Product Page

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  • Posted to Gallery of mind-bending art generated by AI neural networks (Google/MIT), Jun 18, 2015

    More info on Google Research blog: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

    ANN Dreams

    TL;DR: These professors basically gave this AI system a hit of strong acid. By iterating over an input (in this case imagery), artificial neural networks and other ML systems can be coerced into "over-interpretation," the results of which directly correlate to biases gained during training, ie if a system were trained on animals, the system will see a bush as a dog or a shadow as a bear.

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  • Posted to Site Design: STRML.net (animated, live coded portfolio site), May 16, 2015

    Source: https://github.com/STRML/strml.net

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Would you get the new MacBook?, Mar 10, 2015

    haters gonna hate

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  • Posted to Apparently the Nazi's had a 550+ page branding and identity guide. Here is the whole thing [PDF]., Jan 31, 2015

    is it just me, or does this entire document FEEL evil?

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  • Posted to Show DN: Seamless & GrubHub Labs, Jan 30, 2015

    the current seamless product is AWFUL. terrible design, even worse UX. only surviving as a company because entrenched corporate clients provide a moat around the business.

    this "new and improved" site really is still a complete mess. simply rebuilding the same shitty product using angular is NOT an improvement. ie: - why is my order history a tiled mosaic as opposed to a nice, compact list with search and filters? - in restaurant "search view" PUT RESTAURANT INFO IN COLUMNS for the love of god. - wtf is this slab font used for restaurant names? seriously

    these are basic ux principles, come on

    sorry for ranting. i've used seamless everyday for years. such a good idea but i really hate the product. you guys remind me of microsoft, not updating IE until chrome came along and gobbled up market share. i'm just waiting for a new company to shake things up in this space.

    ps. 5-7 day customer service turnaround is a joke for a company this size. look at amazon, fresh direct, etc. instant service.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Angular, Ember, Backbone, Meteor.. Where do I start?, Oct 29, 2014

    each framework is a tool with pros, cons, use cases, etc. just as there are many ways to drive a nail through wood, professional carpenters understand the best option for a certain type of nail, wood density, what have you.

    angular is great for building big apps and there's a lot of open source tooling around the development workflow. ie. the "full-stack" yeoman generator is awesome, it will scaffold out an entire project using Google's best practices including the complete MEAN stack (mongodb/mongoose, node/express, angular), socket.io interface, both unit and "end to end" tests, etc in a matter of seconds.

    as robert mentioned, angular is changing a lot.

    also, angular has a pretty steep learning curve and is overkill for "vanity" sites. it's really meant to build big, data-driven applications.

    if you are looking to the future, i would strongly suggest skipping the "frameworks" altogether and jump straight into ES6 and Web Components using the Traceur compiler and Polymer, both Google projects. angular 2.0 uses ES6 and is moving in the direction of web components as well. I've found working with web components to be extremely intuitive since they are simply DOM elements with native, public APIs that you can access using vanilla js

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  • Posted to Will the flat look prevail?, in reply to Sam Garson , Aug 24, 2014

    +1 for "Material Design"

    I think it strikes just the right notes

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