Dave Gandy

Font Awesome creator. YC, MIT, MA, & MO alum. Joined almost 9 years ago

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  • Posted to Share your side project that became full time job, Dec 21, 2018

    Was working at the first company I founded and was sick of dealing with other people's bad icons and Photoshop. Started kicking around some ideas for using fonts to serve the icons and overcome some of the problems screen readers had.

    That project became Font Awesome. 6 years later and it's on about 200m websites.

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  • Posted to MIT website redesign, Jul 26, 2018

    In a lot of ways, this still feels like the soul of the site from the mid-90s still. Design looks solid and flexible as the spotlight rotates on a regular basis.

    My primary problem is still that awful logo from the redesign in the late 90's. I get they're trying to be techie and all. But they're MIT. They already are. They don't need to project it.

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, in reply to Panu Tangchalermkul , Dec 11, 2017

    Much agreed. We're working on it. :)

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, in reply to Bill Sanders , Dec 08, 2017

    We love open source and have gotten so much ourselves from other folks' generosity. We continually get told we give too much away for free. And we do, gladly.

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, in reply to Ktrn Dsrs , Dec 08, 2017

    You've read our mind. Though we have a lot of Kickstarter rewards still to finish (46 icon category packs, anyone?) before we get there.

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, in reply to Jacob J , Dec 08, 2017

    Oh man. The set of Space Shuttle icons are my absolute favorites: https://fontawesome.com/icons/space-shuttle?style=solid

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  • Posted to Font Awesome 5, Dec 08, 2017

    Happy to answer any questions or criticisms!

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  • Posted to MIT Design Lab Style Guide, Dec 22, 2016

    This shot is trolling, right? Or serious?

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  • Posted to Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything book, May 18, 2016

    Fantastic designer. Just bought the book.

    And here's a great talk of his: https://vimeo.com/39441590. One of my favorites.

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