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  • Posted to Current state of webdesign, Jun 26, 2018


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  • Posted to It's ok to quit, right?, Apr 11, 2018

    You guys rock! This is my favorite online community ever. Thank's all for the great advice and suggestions. There's a lot I have to think about. No matter what I decide to do, I'll always be coming back to this community.

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  • Posted to Portfolio - Yarosky Cruz , Dec 11, 2017

    Thanks everyone for all the good feedback. I'll definitely be referencing this thread when I start fixing and redesigning the portfolio.

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  • Posted to Portfolio - Yarosky Cruz , in reply to Matthew Blode , Dec 09, 2017

    No. I didn't even do any optimization on it neither.

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  • Posted to My Web Design Portfolio so Far, in reply to Richard Sison , Nov 13, 2017

    It was just a means to link to the 5 projects. I proper Portfolio page with an about section, contact me section, and pages with descriptions for each project is currently in progress.

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  • Posted to Cheapest Way to Use Adobe Creative Cloud?, Jun 08, 2017

    2. Be a Student

    This is probably the best deal for your situation. I've had the Student and Teacher edition for $29.99 for over a year and you get all Creative Cloud desktop apps plus companion mobile apps.

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  • Posted to Netflix’s new design series spreads the wrong idea about design, Feb 24, 2017

    Maybe design needs to be reframed into two categories like the way the sciences have "Hard Science" and "Soft Science".The Hard Sciences are the ones that are more math based and measurable, and then you got the 'softer" sciences like Psychology and Sociology which are more theoretical and less measured. I think that designers that stick to the dictum that design it's just about solving problems are taking that from Industrial Design. Industrial Design for me is "Hard Design". There are aesthetics, but mostly this is about making an object people can use. Graphic Design and Illustration is "Soft Design". The solutions are mostly aesthetic. Yes there are questions about Typography and readability, but you have to be creative about it. Designing an album cover is an art form. It's commercial art, but dammit that's art. Don't know if this makes any sense.

    I thought the show was great.

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