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  • Posted to Sketch 55, May 22, 2019

    super buggy, had to downgrade. holding shift and moving a group is broken. places the object on sub pixels, like other users are mentioning.

    while i don't find the manual distribution feature useful at all, i am excited to see where sketch is going with this! cannot wait for more features around automatic distribution and (hopefully) automatic padding

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  • Posted to MacBook Pro (now with 8 cores), May 22, 2019

    i'm too skeptical to buy a macbook pro anymore. yeah 8 cores is cool but it's way too much money to invest in a computer with the current issues surrounding it.

    until apple does something to really address the keyboard issue / improve build quality, i can't see myself upgrading. probably won't be for another couple years.

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  • Posted to Gangster Grotesk. A sharp typeface FREE for personal and commercial use, Apr 25, 2019

    looks dope

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  • Posted to Improving the UX of mailto links with a Chrome extension, Mar 11, 2019


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  • Posted to Alpha 1 of my color harmonies tool, Feb 25, 2019

    Very nice tool you've created! So much simpler to use than the majority of other color tools out there.

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  • Posted to The future of digital archiving, Feb 21, 2019

    visually looks nice. not sure i understand why i would use this app over something like transmit, which can access amazon s3 buckets. or even just using google drive / dropbox, which integrates directly into finder.

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  • Posted to The future of digital archiving, in reply to Jim Silverman , Feb 21, 2019

    lol i thought the same thing

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  • Posted to Sketch 53 beta is out, Dec 20, 2018

    Was really hoping for stacks & padding.. hopefully that's in the next update. Would seriously be a game changer. Performance updates are always great to see, though!

    I can especially appreciate the Override Management feature. I have thought about how this could be implemented so many times and I'm super excited to test it out!

    Not sure I really see the benefit of having Overrides being selectable in the Layer List... Anyone else excited about this for any particular reason?

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  • Posted to Padding is coming to Anima Sketch plugin, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Oct 22, 2018

    Totally this ^ Anima stacks used to be great when that was the only thing that plugin did. Paddy was so refreshing to use because it focused on one thing well and it even integrated into Sketch's inspector panel.

    Can't wait for Sketch to integrate this functionality natively. Framer X is an excellent example of how this feature should work, too.

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  • Posted to Google’s Chrome New Design — what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s still missing, Sep 07, 2018

    These pieces aren't "missing". Google Chrome has an extension ecosystem that allows adblocking, custom New Tab pages, themes, password managers, etc, the list goes on and on.

    As for the mobile apps, a native or plugin-based adblocker would definitely be most welcomed because there's no workaround currently! Definitely where Safari has the leg up, in my opinion.

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