Carlos Andres Orozco Palacio

Carlos Andres Orozco Palacio

Colombia UX/UI Designer | Graphics Designer Joined over 5 years ago

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  • Posted to How do you use multiple Macs?, Dec 11, 2019

    For my iCloud, the most easy and thenbest way, its cheap and works amazing, all my important document its here and the recents project, about licenses if you buy the app in Apple Store don't have any problem, you can install in all machine you have with you iCloud account.

    About buy the software for the officially web page or other way, sometimes and with many app, include the possibility to install in two o three machines.

    PD: sorry for my English, I am learning :).

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  • Posted to Affinity photo vs Photoshop? (In 2019), May 17, 2019

    Well I am user for Adobe Suite for more than 16th years, some months ago I check Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and decide to buy it on macOS App store (I think is a tiny price for one application), check them, try to do some design for print, working around one week or two and is the best alternative and choice if you want leave Adobe Tools, for by these apps don't have for now any problem in performance or other errors, exporting fine, used for UI Design fine, exporting individual assets fine, export for pint fine.

    I love this tools and I hope soon son be the final release of Affinity Publisher.

    PD: Sorry for my English (don't be my mother language).

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  • Posted to Computer glasses – best for design?, Mar 29, 2019

    Searching on google and asking a some friends, I find this Brand of glasses Gunnar, I think these glasses are pretty cool and with a nice price.

    This is my favorite :

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  • Posted to uiFromMars - UI Design, UX and analytics to grow your career (Spanish), in reply to Cris Busquets , Nov 07, 2018

    Muchas gracias por tu disposición, tal ves podamos hacer algo bien interesante con la comunidad hispanohablante, yo te contacto eso aseguralo :P

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  • Posted to uiFromMars - UI Design, UX and analytics to grow your career (Spanish), Nov 06, 2018

    Excelente noticia, hacia mucha falta comenzar algo en español, hay muchas ideas dando vueltas falta es comunidad con ganas de trabajar, asi que si ponemos un poco cada uno podemos llegar muy lejos, Gracias por Compartir Cris.

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  • Posted to uiFromMars - UI Design, UX and analytics to grow your career (Spanish), in reply to Tomas Martinez , Nov 06, 2018

    No eres el único que estabas pensando en eso, es mas uno haciendo el paseo por las redes consigue material impresionante como entre otras fuentes muy buenas para crecer, creo que si nos ponemos manos a la obras todos los hispano hablantes podemos conseguir una comunidad así de power, como la comunidad de habla inglesa.

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  • Posted to Best Email Clients 2018, in reply to Gadzhi Kharkharov , Jun 27, 2018

    The best mail Cliente i ever try, thanks for sharing this link.

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