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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, in reply to Justin White , Feb 13, 2019

    Hey Justin! Thanks for the super helpful feedback. I would love to chat more with you 1-1 on how we can fix these issue for you and your team. It sucks when the tools we rely on aren't living up to our expectations, and. I hate that we are doing that to y'all now.

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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, in reply to Joe C , Feb 13, 2019

    Hey Joe! Thank you for the honest feedback. Clearly we missed the mark with y'all, and while I bummed about that, I know we can be better. I'm the design community manager for InVision, and would love to chat with you, if you are interested. I'm so sorry you've had this experience, and I would love to see how we can make it better.

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  • Posted to Does InVision Studio lag for anybody else really bad?, Jul 19, 2018

    Hey Ryan! Bummed it’s so laggy for you! We are working crazy hard on Studio’s performance. What machine are you running it on? I would love to connect you with someone from our Studio team to dig into the issue. It so important for us that Studio is crazy fast.

    Kris with InVision

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  • Posted to Meet the new InVision mobile app—now with Studio mirroring and Freehand, Jul 10, 2018

    Hey DN friends- Super excited to share the new InVision Mobile App with you all.

    Mobile design reviews with Studio mirroring

    Mobile experiences designed from a desktop present a unique challenge; you’re designing with clicks and drags that will be experienced as taps and swipes. With Studio mirroring for iOS (Android coming soon), you can mirror your mobile designs from Studio to the InVision mobile app by scanning a QR code.

    Share your ideas more expressively on tablets and smartphones with Freehand

    Freehand is InVision’s collaborative canvas to sketch and share ideas as a team that’s even better than gathering around a whiteboard in person. You can use Freehand to wireframe, plan, draw, scribble notes on your InVision prototype, and more—throughout the entire design process. Before today, this experience was available on a web browser. Now you can create and collaborate on a Freehand through the ease of a native mobile app—a perfect use case for your tablets and pencils.

    The full power of InVision—on mobile

    You and your team can collaborate and comment on prototypes and Boards, sketch with Freehand, mirror Studio designs, and more. Here’s the full recap of what you can do with the InVision mobile app:

    • View, share, and comment on prototypes and Boards
    • View Studio presentations and mirror them directly
    • Draw, sketch, write, and collaborate on freehands in real time
    • Keep feedback organized and stay up to date with Conversations
    • Push notifications to notify teammates as soon as they’re mentioned
    • Offline access to project work—pick up where you left off from anywhere



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  • Posted to What's your team's design stack?, in reply to Mitch Malone , May 30, 2018

    Hey Mitch! I'm Kris with InVision. Bummed to hear that Craft is causing so many issues for you and your team! I would love to help make that better. Would you be willing to jump on a call with me to talk more about the issues? Thanks!

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  • Posted to InVision Studio App Maker Program, May 24, 2018

    Hey DN friends- We’ve been rapidly evolving InVision Studio week after week based on your feedback (THANK YOU!!!) and today represents another big step as we race towards a major milestone for the team and product. Today we’ve opened up signups for the Studio App Maker Program. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming:

    InVision Studio App Store


    The app store lets you connect Studio to tools you and your team use every day as well as augment Studio’s existing suite of features with brand new capabilities. We believe wholeheartedly in the mental model and accessibility of an apps-based approach. The advantages of in-tool discoverability plays a huge part here, making it easy to find, understand, and install apps on a level playing field.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Sandboxing an App to just one part of Studio doesn’t allow for the contextual implementation that many solutions require. That’s why we’ve sought to provide a wide-array of deployment opportunities and locations for Apps to slot into. This allows Apps to not only augment Studio with new ‘superpowers’, but to do so in a UI-appropriate context, making them intuitive and accessible.

    App Deployment Locations

    Asset Library

    If Apps are one side of the extensibility equation, then digital assets are the other. We’ve all downloaded icons, components, fonts, UI kits, etc while working on a project at some point. The Studio App Store also includes a dedicated assets section where creators can launch and distribute digital assets of every shape and form. Again, this is all about optimizing flow- we believe that the ability to do this within the context of your design space ultimately = saved time and more streamlining.

    If you’re interested in developing for Studio and finding out more about this whole Apps & Assets thing we’d LOVE to have you onboard. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow from your feedback in the coming weeks and months and to continue iterating here. We appreciate your passion and the giving of your time to help us continue to grow, learn, and evolve.


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