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  • Posted to Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?, Apr 13, 2018

    It feels like there are tons of core features missing. Sketch e.g. was already kinda bad at typography features, but Studio isn't even there yet. A lot of workflow enhancements are simply not there (I don't know how detailed I can go here, given the NDA) and some design choices seem not yet to support the claim to be the best design tool there is. I hope it's getting there, I've been fanboying since the first announcement ;-)

    However, it's not ready for productive use. I've been giving it a shot today again (after the update) and it felt like the Adobe XD previews: I want to do something, but the tools seem to be missing or just don't work as smooth as in Sketch or Figma (using both here). I know, it's early access... but I am pretty disappointed by everything else than the prototyping features. That's a core feature, sure... but if it takes me twice the time to build what I want to animate it just doesn't work out. Maybe the team can elaborate on something like typography, layout/grids etc. ...

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