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  • Posted to Show DN: A New Interactive Article Format, in reply to Stefan Rauch , Apr 26, 2016

    Oooh, cool, yeah "Reactive Document" is a good name. I hadn't read Tangle before. Definitely similar in the sense that Bret and I are both trying to improve comprehension through interactivity, though I'm gong for the simplest possible implementation.

    Thanks for the note!

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  • Posted to Pixate is dead, unofficially., Dec 05, 2015

    Here's the flip side of the product cycle you describe:

    Products most people never heard of (Google purchases alone include Writley, YouTube, Picasa, Android, Measure Map, GrandCentral etc etc) > become insanely popular after being built out by bigger company (becoming Google Docs, YouTube, Google Photos, Android, Google Analytics, Google Voice, etc).

    See also Dave Egger's thoughts on selling out

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  • Posted to Ask DN: If you freelance, what apps do you use to manage accounting/taxes, track time, deliverables, etc, Feb 07, 2015

    Harvest! (

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  • Posted to Do you design in the browser?, in reply to Wes Oudshoorn , Nov 12, 2014

    ditto :)

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  • Posted to Do you design in the browser?, Nov 12, 2014

    On the web and in apps where interaction is design, and prototyping is the design process, designing in the browser is the only way to go. In other words, in the world of apps (web and mobile) Photoshop is about branding, not so much about design.

    That's why I go from rough paper sketches straight to the browser.

    Some have said the browser approach is limiting or that it makes you "think in boxes." One could easily say the inverse: you can't design for interaction or make apps in a static medium. Interaction is present when designing in the browser, and gives you a fuller picture of your project.

    In the context of designing static websites and that kind of thing Photoshop seems to work fine for many people, but when we're talking about apps I'm curious why people even bother?

    Another reason I design in the browser is that I never really learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator - I learned design in the browser by looking at the source code for websites I liked and tinkering with them. Similarly, working in the browser also makes you a much better coder, just as sketching a lot makes you a better sketcher.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Agency Invoicing, in reply to Marijn Scholtus , Oct 27, 2014 +1

    No brainer. Integrates with various payment systems, does auto reminders to get you paid faster.

    Also check out their new project planning service

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  • Posted to Emojiyo - The future of Emoji Keyboards (iOS 8)?, Oct 09, 2014

    Pretty insane what you can do from this keyboard:

    • Drag and drop emoji sorting
    • Create and share emoji "combos" (slick)
    • Search emoji with words
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  • Posted to Site Design: Coinbase [Redesign], Sep 20, 2014

    Is it just me or does photoshopping out the Apple logo from the Macbook in photo more distracting than keeping it there? I can't stop looking at the spot where the Apple logo should be...

    Also seems weird philosophically. E.g. if I took the Coinbase site and removed the logo and dropped the site in photos on my site wouldn't that be a little weird? Not that anyone would care.

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  • Posted to How do you add interactivity to your designs?, Jun 08, 2014

    The folks at Apple just released a video explaining exactly how their designers build interactive prototypes - chaulk full of good advice (tips on animation come in after a bit):

    Video download link

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