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  • Posted to The enemy in our feeds, Jul 24, 2017

    The concept of designing around engagement is benign in a lot of instances, but it still strikes me as unnerving and, in a lot of contexts, unethical.

    Imagine if our medication, food, etc were designed around engagement. We already have a term for that, and it's addiction.

    I don't understand why we guard our physical intake from 'addiction', but don't show anywhere as much concern re: our cognitive intake despite our mind not mattering any less than our body.

    This is obviously a concern that we as users should have, but I think some of the impetus lies on our designers as well.

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  • Posted to React based Portfolios , Jun 13, 2017 (it's a work-in-progress)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Contact form vs email address, Aug 08, 2014

    This might help solve that dilemma:

    It basically takes you mailto links and makes them work like contact forms.

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