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Mark Davis

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  • Posted to New BMW Logo, in reply to Chinmay Kulkarni , Mar 04, 2020

    What works well for VW is that they simplified to just lines, but BMW can't quite do that without rethinking the circle and quadrants. So it feels like a half-step towards that simpler direction without committing to go all the way.

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  • Posted to, a lightning-fast visual sitemap builder 2.0, Dec 13, 2019

    Signed up and trying it out on a pro-bono project right now! Going well, but I wish there was at least one more color available.

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  • Posted to Which email service do you use ?, Oct 22, 2019

    I've been slowly moving my things into ProtonMail. Yes, the good stuff requires a paid-plan, but at least I'm not the product.

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  • Posted to Starbucks' functional and expressive style guide, Sep 03, 2019

    So happy to see a brand not showing the wrong usage examples next to everything.

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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, Jul 24, 2018

    I'm usually only in Illustrator to convert print work over to SVGs or create some iconography that can be used across print and digital. Otherwise, we're in Sketch.

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