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  • Posted to Feedback on my website. What can be done better?, Oct 12, 2018

    There are a lot of hierarchal and compositional issues on the site that dilute the experience and value prop. I think the product is great but the site doesn't help convey what the product actually does clearly. Start with using the full 12-col grid on the hero instead of the current 4-6 col. You're wasting so much real estate there. Make the slider draggable so the user can see the difference between design/dev instead of them having to painfully scroll down only for the slider to move halfway. Also, the branding is too dull to make this product exciting.

    I know you mentioned you recently lost your designer. I'm happy to help out with the branding and experience if you'd like. You can checkout my work @

    Good luck!

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  • Posted to It's ok to quit, right?, Apr 11, 2018

    I wouldn't give up. The same thing happens across all industries and jobs. It just means that you're not ready yet. There's a reason why you're not getting the job. Either job-related reasons (lacking a certain skill, not the right fit, etc) or interpersonal-related (poor communication skills, interview skills, etc.) Reflect on your past interviews ––and even though it's hard for you to see it now–– try to figure out where things are going wrong.

    You'll need to be ok with rejections. After I left my startup, I decided to go back to design and get a job at an agency (any agency.) Within the span of 6 months, I applied for over 200 jobs (no kidding), I got 20 phone interviews, and 8 face-to-face interviews. Never received any offers. At that point, I was a mid-level and have worked on huge projects with Universal, Men's fitness, and Interscope Records; Why am I not getting a job? The process took a toll on me and it really made me questions whether or not I was fit to be a designer. However, I never took the rejection personally. I kept learning, taking courses online, and reading tons of books about design, and most importantly – designing. Then finally, one boutique agency got back to me and offered me a job. I accepted.

    At that point, it wasn't THE greatest agency, we did mostly boring government work, but it was better than nothing. It allowed me to improve my client relations skills, presentation skills, etc while at the same time, the paycheck allowed me to further expand on my skillset on my free time. After working there for 6 months, one of the biggest global agencies reached out to me with a VERY attractive offer to join their team. I left the boutique agency and joined them.

    Trust the process, trust the timing. You'll always encounter these instances whether its a rejection, layoff, etc, etc. You just have to have a thick skin and move on. Never stop learning, be humble, and good things will happen to you.

    Update: I checked out your portfolio and it was....OK. But it's good for a junior level. Your designs look a bit outdated (no, I'm not saying you should follow trends) but you simply need to get better at the fundamental design principles (type, color, grid, and composition.)

    Good luck!

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