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  • Posted to How to upscale your restaurant business by 10x?, Jul 14, 2022

    Both Astha and Claire post for apurple.co, seeing the conversation thread between them is like watching two bots talk to each other. I miss this community before it turned to spam posts like this.

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  • Posted to Develop App Like Netflix, Feb 02, 2021

    Can we not just blacklist all links from "webcluesinfotech.com"?

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  • Posted to Are you as smart as you think?, Aug 10, 2020

    Why is this here and how is this design related? The about page says the organization has been around since 1973 yet you have no information about your history or any of the backgrounds of the founders or researchers developing your tests?

    If you want me to believe that you have any credibility you might want to watch the blatant spelling areas in the footer.

    The GetIQ™ Certification is the most accurate and regognized online IQ test available...

    And if you want to claim that you're "Rated #1 Best Online IQ Test" perhaps that should go to a credible source who has provided you the rating—not your home page. I feel like the IQ test here is whether or not you provide them with your personal information.

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  • Posted to Case Study: Starbucks, Oct 16, 2019

    Looks like a dup of https://www.reddit.com/r/business/comments/dco1kz/case_study_starbucks/ but didn't include the link. Either way it's really just an ad for an agency in my opinion.

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  • Posted to Do you know of any well designed CRM, Sep 24, 2018

    While not perfect I found that Freshsales CRM and Close.io are both really nice and have a good feature set. I believe Freshsales even as a free level too. I have clients who really like HubSpot's CRM, but I can't really speak to that.

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  • Posted to Show & Tell by Baron Fig x Dribbble, Apr 11, 2018

    I'm surprised by the harsh comments on this. I mean I get it, not everyone starts designing from a notebook, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that many designers use notebooks to architect and work up their designs before taking them to the screen. I was a Moleskine user for over a decade, $15 notebooks for 70 pages. When Baron Fig came along they were almost 200 pages for $18 and they had thick hardcovers that last forever. While the Show & Tell notebook doesn't specifically fit my taste, they do make some great notebooks and their dot grid is great for interface design.

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  • Posted to Bootstrap 4, in reply to Mark Otto , Jan 22, 2018

    Love the work you all have been doing! Congratulations on the release. I love the decisions you've made with the utility classes and the general direction. I'm curious though, I've noticed the XL grid max width is 1140 compared to the LG grid max width from 3.x that was 1170. I'm curious of the reasoning, if there is one, for the thinner width grid.

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