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  • Posted to AIGA Design Census 2017, Nov 02, 2017

    Hey everyone. AIGA have just opened their 2017 Design Census. It would be awesome to have the DN community represented in the data. Here's the elevator pitch from their site:

    "The Design Census is an open and collaborative survey and resource for understanding the complex economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the design practice today.

    Created by Google and AIGA, the goal is to move beyond basic salary conversations and collect information that can be used to empower the design community to take charge of its professional development and achieve greater happiness through insight."

    The survey is about 30 questions long, and should take you roughly 10 minutes to complete. All feedback is welcome at

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  • Posted to AIGA Design Census: Investigating Design’s Gender Pay Gap, Aug 08, 2017

    Although the Gender Pay Gap is sadly not new, as part of my work with AIGA this piece examines what the pay gap looks like in Design (using data from the AIGA x Google Design Census project), with contributions from Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische, and Willoughby Design. Excited to share with you all!

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  • Posted to Tumblr Boilerplate - Hate mail from Tumblr, Jun 25, 2014

    I guess there's also the (ironic) alternative of using tumblr to make

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  • Posted to Pocket Art Director, Jun 11, 2014

    Make it bigger...

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  • Posted to Graphic Designer Uses 'The Simpsons' to Redesign NHL Logos, in reply to Nick W , Jun 09, 2014

    Valid and fair points from people... and I guess for me it therefore becomes a question about when and when not to share work with people, to which of course there's no right or wrong answer.

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  • Posted to Graphic Designer Uses 'The Simpsons' to Redesign NHL Logos, Jun 09, 2014

    I'd be really interested to hear other people's thoughts on projects like these.

    I always struggle to see an application / project motivation beyond Likes and Re-blogs and am always very torn on whether that's enough of a reason to create projects that exist simply to be a series.

    There are always exceptions to the rule (eg. Daily Dropcap), where the motivation is actually to learn/improve your craft - but so regularly I feel this to not be the case.

    Sort of where I'm at in my design thinking at the moment, and wondered what others think...

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  • Posted to Nitro and Turbo: Two new typefaces from H&Co., Jun 03, 2014

    A subtle but nice touch naming the styles differently and as always beautifully presented specimen shots...

    It may be just me but it feels like H&Co. have been much quicker in releasing in the last year or so. More for me to add to my 'find a project to use these in' list.

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