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  • Posted to I'm redesigning my portfolio! Can you critique my old one?, in reply to Garrett Campagna , Apr 24, 2019

    Yes exactly! I think that would make your case studies flow a little better. You could even play with having highlights in each section of the case study (if it encompasses different mediums). Good luck!

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  • Posted to I'm redesigning my portfolio! Can you critique my old one?, Apr 22, 2019

    I really like the highlights section in your case studies, but I would put it closer to the top of the page (maybe after the intro, but just a thought).

    Also, is it better to have project background & client goals separated out? I think if those were condensed into one intro, and it was more succinct, I would have an easier time reading a case study. Some portfolios are too light on process stuff, but I think I would be more engaged with a couple sentences for each image (like you have in your highlights sections), versus paragraphs of text.

    Good luck, hope this was useful, and I like your work!

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  • Posted to Myscout | All in one Design Assets Management tool, in reply to Shea Lewis , Apr 08, 2019

    it's an SVG image, and I assume they didn't outline the fonts used, so you are seeing fallback fonts (have had this happen to me before). If you look in the product hunt screenshots (which are not SVG), they aren't serif fonts.

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to Nikola Durkan , Oct 25, 2018

    There’s an auto compress feature in sketch for lots of images. Was working with another designer on a huge file that was awful to get around. We had sketch auto compress images and it was about a 1/3 of the file size (800mb to ~300mb) and way easier to get around artboards and pages, etc.

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