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  • Posted to ASK DN: If you only had 30 min to practice visual design outside of work, what would you do to get better?, Jun 04, 2014

    If I have a brief thirty minutes to myself i just relax and enjoy them. A calm happy mind produces better work...

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should design students work for free for startups?, Jun 02, 2014

    I think it is the web industry's responsibility to invest in young designers. There need to be more short but strong starting positions, even paid internships. I feel that the web industry should know better than to essentially have young designers in "spec" positions.

    Yes they are learning lots, but EVERYONE al the way up to the owner of a design studio should be constantly learning lots. Learning opportunities are NOT a replacement for pay.

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  • Posted to What width are you designing for? (websites), May 29, 2014

    Different elements call for different breakpoints. Having a set of fixed breakpoints means at any given time SOME element does not look great. Like somebody else said, design for ALL widths. I personally do this by inserting media queries into my elements where they need them instead of inserting my elements into media queries.

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