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  • Posted to Sketch easing gradients plugin, Jun 01, 2018

    As I already said to you; Amazing work!

    You know what would be really cool? Having the option to edit the gradient, just by renaming the layer. That would super nice!

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  • Posted to Protowire - Adds Prototyping to Sketch, Jan 04, 2018

    Nice job, Mark! I'm looking forward to try it! +1 Anyway to try out the beta version?

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  • Posted to Midnight — Dark Theme Sketch Plugin, Jan 02, 2018

    Not saying that it wasn't easy to develop/create this dark theme, but $8... hm, idk. Now, for $3 I'll buy it for sure (and I guess many others will too)

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  • Posted to Unofficial Telegram Group Chat for Sketch Users, in reply to Roma Sharin , Nov 01, 2017

    No, man. You got it wrong. I USE instant messaging services, but it's not for the purpose that you're trying to achieve. What I'm trying to say is that you can lose track of conversations, links, discussions, etc, on a product that was not build to achieve your purpose. Ofc you have groups on most of the instant messaging services, but I believe those groups were not thought to be more than a group of friends.

    There's no right or wrong in here. There's just me expressing my opinion.

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  • Posted to Unofficial Telegram Group Chat for Sketch Users, Oct 31, 2017

    I understand your urge on getting the Sketch community together, but you already have a great, and moderated, OFFICIAL group for that on Facebook:

    Not saying that's your case, but Telegram/WhatsApp/Slack is just a another distracting communication tool that normally gets out of hand without proper moderation. Just saying.

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  • Posted to New Medium Logo, Aug 22, 2017

    About time.

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  • Posted to Sketch bug keeps causing my keyboard shortcuts to stop working!, in reply to Eduardo Tello , Aug 19, 2017

    Here you go, buddy;

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  • Posted to Sketch Material – Generate material components with ease , Jul 17, 2017

    Congrats for the plugin, buddy!

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  • Posted to So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?, in reply to Gavin Anthony , Jul 04, 2017

    Sorry to hear that, buddy. I can relate with that; my current MacBook heat up for no reason, and, even tho when it's cold, the fans starts to enter airplane mode.

    Thanks for your sharing your feedback / experience; Applecare+ is something I've never thought about, and I might consider from now on.

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  • Posted to So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?, in reply to Spencer J , Jul 04, 2017

    Hey Spencer, what an awesome piece of advice / feedback; thanks for that! :100: I guess you really did your homework on selling me out the new MacBook :)

    More than anything, this is something inevitable which I'll have to buy.

    So, talking about displays, if I ever have to connect the Macbook to an external display (other than LG or Apple), can I use an adaptor? #donglelife

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