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  • Posted to Application as a UX Designer, Nov 04, 2015


    Before actually answering, question back to the employer, who's maintaining it and who's using it? A potential solution could be a living design system that is documented in HTML, shows examples of what the user experiences (visually/interactively) and the markup for the developer, or even just a link to a Github repository with the stylesheets.


    Why in God's name would an employer write a test that asks a candidate to literally name an undetermined number of testing methods? What skill does that demonstrate? Book-smartness? How about the application of these methods? That's what's important. There's reason and a proper moment in the design process to utilize say, qualitative techniques (1:1s, focus groups, diaries, etc) vs. quantitative ones (surveys, a/b, etc.) and the proper use of these could absolutely make or break your outcomes.

    I'm with Mark, apply elsewhere - you don't know the answers and they don't know the right questions to ask. That's two BIG red flags that I see.

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  • Posted to How Much Time Does It Take to Create Personas?, Oct 26, 2015

    "I never met a persona that didn't like all my ideas…"

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  • Posted to Material Design Lite, Jul 06, 2015

    Contrary to my expectations of the Google team, this is possibly the most annoying, mobile-unfriendly site I've experienced in 2015.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who's hiring? (April 2015), Apr 22, 2015

    If you actually want to make the world a better place…

    Opower needs entry level and senior UX designers. Also, if you happen to be a great front-end coder, that'd be a cool role on our design team too!


    San Francisco only.

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  • Posted to YotaPhone :: Dual screen phone is here, in reply to Ian Williams , Dec 04, 2014

    Exactly my sentiment. I had ultra low expectations, but e-ink has been my jam since Motorola was making Motofone F3, and having it integrated on a smartphone makes me :•)

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  • Posted to Icon Usability Study, Jul 28, 2014

    "'Always include a visible text label.' These kinds of dictums are why usability as a field has become irrelevant."


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  • Posted to For Creative Types Who Can't Budget to Save Their Own Lives - No Budget Budget, Jul 28, 2014

    so you're selling this… there's little to no information on the site… and i'm supposed to bite?

    i don't think this site is for shamelessly plugging your business

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  • Posted to Terminal for Photoshop, Jul 25, 2014

    You know, there is a button that centers objects and another one that fills. Plus, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to just about anything in PS. From experience (using: autocad, cinema, maya, etc) , and considering the visual nature of the many layers you might have and the intricacies of every potential object, command line prompts can be a lot harder to handle without a ton of benefit.

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  • Posted to Behold, the Fold, Jul 10, 2014

    I'm still pushing to call "the fold" on web, "the scroll"

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  • Posted to Site design: Omnisense, Jun 23, 2014

    Lots of flashy stuff, for no clear purpose.

    It preloaded 2 pages of stuff. Why did that take so long? The discover button just discovered that the auto-scroll it meant to do didn't actually work. No where does it ever say what this is about or for or targeted to. Kinda pretty.

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