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  • Posted to Difference in Inside and Outside Borders with XD - a problem?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Dec 07, 2018

    All credit to the XD team for feedback from two key people within hours. There is a justification for this (to match Chrome's renderer) for "live" rectangles. There is also a potential lack of consistency, but that's the world for you ;)

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  • Posted to Difference in Inside and Outside Borders with XD - a problem?, in reply to Elaine Chao , Dec 07, 2018

    Thanks Elaine! Your colleague Kerri also replied very promptly on the XD forum (excellent feedback by you both - appreciated). It was explained by Kerri that there's a deliberate case for this with "live" rectangles. I can see that (as well as potential issues). However, I also appreciate that it's not likely to be a major issue for most users are it's near-invisible for 1 or 2px strokes / borders.

    Therefore I'm but sure it's bug as such and wanted to get this feedback to confirm.

    If you can think of any change in your future approach, please keep us posted.

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  • Posted to Difference in Inside and Outside Borders with XD - a problem?, in reply to James Lane , Dec 07, 2018


    It's not possible to define the "roundess" or amount of chamfer on a corner type (mitre, round or chamfer being your options). The only option associated with corner types is "Limit" associated with mitre, which is acting the same across all packages.

    Please note that the corner type is not the same as adding a rounded corner to a rectangle.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • Posted to Black Friday deals for designer tools., Nov 26, 2018

    Adobe Illustrator plugins by Astute Graphics


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  • Posted to Adobe XD MAX Release, Oct 16, 2018

    I think it was an astonishing MAX keynote today. I was even blown away by projects I will probably never need. To start the session with basics in PS that everybody has been asking for for years was genius. And then it just ramped up.

    And we're really proud to now be part of the fledgling Adobe XD plugin ecosystem with the new Astui service ( But to qualify this, today we also released the same vector path optimisation (Smart Point Removal) plugin functionality for Sketch and Illustrator. From my viewpoint, I think the XD extension framework has nailed it! Adobe have turned a corner by really working with 3rd parties to a new level. Bodes very well.

    Nick, Founder of Astute Graphics

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  • Posted to Are Designers Stingy?, in reply to Simone , Jan 06, 2018

    Sorry, but I'm old enough to remember software "skins" being sold in the late 90's already. Did a quick Google search but sadly can't find references anymore. Not much new on this planet.

    I personally woudn't buy a theme like this. But then again, I don't buy wallpaper for my house either ;)

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  • Posted to Are Designers Stingy?, in reply to Luca Candela , Jan 06, 2018

    Not just plugins, but all software. Sadly the disposable/obsolescent culture has also crept into physical products a long time ago which also chips away at any purchase invest made. To counter, many items are relatively cheaper compared to average income than they were 20+ years ago (if they even existed then).

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  • Posted to Are Designers Stingy?, Jan 06, 2018

    Hmmm... I'm not sure "stingy" is the correct word. Due to the much lower requirements (eg. training and investment) that somebody can set up shop as a designer, I personally see that a much wider skill and experience set exists in this industry than others. Want to be a plumber? You need kit and a van. Before you even start, you've laid out a lot of $$$ (née £££). Want to start calling yourself a designer? Get a hand-me-down computer and download Inkscape or some such.

    Experienced, skilled, committed designers all know that it’s a business like any other. If a product (software of hardware) costs X but allows you recoup that within Y weeks and then start profiting from the investment, it’s likely to be worth it.

    Manga Studio is a product I’ve heard the name of for years. I’ve just checked and it’s $89.95 for a physical copy (wow - they still do that!?) which seems like a good price for a professional designer who sketches characters regularly. But if it were my money, I’d say it’s expensive as I wouldn’t really use it to its full potential or professionally. Yet the Adobe CC license at nearly 10x that for a year is an absolute bargain in my opinion as I use it to make a living on the hour, every hour.

    Another very important factor to consider but seldom discussed is that the true cost of any software product is the time required to learn and become truly efficient with it. If you’re needing to charge $100/hour to make a living, the time tally to “mess around” with a new tool can often completely outweigh the cost of the purchase in the first place.

    But I think it was a good question as I have also come across many comments from professionals lamenting the cost of product Z even though it appears to be essential to them being able to make a clear profit and living… ;)

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  • Posted to Updated List of Black Friday Deals for Designers, Nov 24, 2017

    Adobe Illustrator professional? You need the acclaimed pro vector tools to save hours every week.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Black Friday 2017, any deals for designers?, Nov 24, 2017

    60% off THE professional tool set for Adobe Illustrator over at Astute Graphics:

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