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  • Posted to How do you describe the benefit of UX design?, May 01, 2018

    Another way to think about this is: what is the cost of bad design, or no design, at all? The cost benefits can range greatly. In the digital space, a good user experience can result in lower support call volume, for instance.

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  • Posted to Design Thinking!, in reply to Ismael Branco , Sep 29, 2017

    Something else to consider here is that Design Thinking isn't necessarily meant for designers, per se. It's great for showing non-designers how a design-based process can be applied to a business strategy. I have found that designers are some of the most resistant to using design thinking, oddly enough. I think the words do matter. I have seen many designers create things without giving a second thought to what the user need is.

    Natasha Jen's assertion that there is no criticism in the process shows a total lack of real experience using the method. When you start showing things to users, you need to put your fragile ego aside and listen to them. I didn't get the sense that's a superpower of her's, based on this talk. Having other designers sit around and bash your ideas is just a total waste of time, when you can have your customers sit around and bash your ideas.

    I also agree the title is total click bait and it's really easy to take pot-shots at using Post-it's. I am a designer. I love design thinking. I love hearing people make intelligent arguments for where the process is weak - just like the "design school process" is weak. This felt like all the same bullshit I've heard before, with no real substance or new thinking.

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  • Posted to Section 32 by Ueno, Sep 22, 2017

    I think this post needs "Warning: Parallax"

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your favorite pen for note taking?, Jan 23, 2016

    Muji gel 0.38 and Tombow dual brush pens for adding color/highlight/shadows. I like to sketch out my notes - makes the info stick.

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  • Posted to Apparently the Nazi's had a 550+ page branding and identity guide. Here is the whole thing [PDF]., Feb 02, 2015

    The uniform illustrations are like something from a twisted jcpenny catalogue. Quite a find.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What CSS framework do you use?, Nov 26, 2014

    I heart ZURB Foundation

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