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  • Posted to Should I learn prototyping in After Effects or apps like Flinto, Aug 03, 2018

    After Effects has certainly place in the workflow but not in prototyping.

    Reach it when you want to create and explore rich animations and interactions. There is no more advanced tool right now.

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  • Posted to GIFs of website interaction... How are you making them?, Aug 03, 2018

    When you want to achieve most advanced and professional looking result - go for After Effects. You can import there designs directly from sketch (Sketch 2 AE plugin) or photoshop or draw basic shapes inside.

    Once you get your video export it to .mov and import to the photoshop (Import -> import video file) where you can export it with Save For Web as a .gif

    That's the best workflow. If you want just ready to play and explore some designs you can get a nice UI sample from

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  • Posted to Pain points for designers in 2018?, in reply to Gildas Frémont , Jul 16, 2018

    Its called communication, I can send them email for 50$ for every taskflow!

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  • Posted to Design communities, in reply to Emanuel S. , Jun 04, 2018

    By this thread you can see they work, just look at the number of members. However agree it may work quite differently, designers are more effective in small groups and safe environment. What may work here is interconnected local groups of people, but didn't found any platform for that.

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  • Posted to Design Management, Jun 04, 2018

    Do not forget United Designers slack channel

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  • Posted to Logos are overrated, Feb 25, 2018

    awesome quality of content, miss leading title

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What is your all time favorite logo design?, Jun 21, 2017

    Nobody posted this icon yet?


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  • Posted to Are design articles ruining your product?, Apr 19, 2017

    I thought I am only one, who hates short, bold and articles considering only one side of a thing. I would rather suggest you, to look for long-reeds, where writer have a place to consider both sides of the same coin.

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  • Posted to Renewing Medium’s focus, Jan 08, 2017

    I guess this was quite obvious since main point of creating content online is revenue on some point. (for most of publishers)

    So it is only matter of time when ads will arrive. Or some sbuscription methods (which are less likely to generate revenue IMHO)

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  • Posted to Golden ratio calculator, Oct 02, 2016

    People do not think about golden ratio as some magic form for your designs. It is only ratio an it may guide you to better results...

    Anways, cool tool :)

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