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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, Oct 31, 2018

    Self-promotion warning!

    I too was intrigued by the iPad Pro as a design tool and even the iPhone. I started an iOS app that could create / edit Sketch documents. I stopped working on it after taking a job, but I think I broke good ground on gestures and UI.

    This is a demo:

    Honestly, I think there is no excuse for there not being a version of Sketch on the iPad. It's sad that to make any edit on a Sketch document, I have to get on my Mac. The gestures are not that hard to figure out. Considering how many design tools there are, and how pretty-well-defined the requirements are in this space, at least for an 80% of people tool, I'm surprised there is not a version of Sketch on the iPad. We need to move forward on that soon. Whoever does will make lots of $.

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