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Claude Ayitey

Accra, Ghana UX/UI Designer at DevCongress, BoughtSpot Joined over 9 years ago

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  • Posted to Dash Dash - Redesigned linux man pages, Apr 06, 2020

    This is quite a daring site.

    Love it! Would be great if the parts with code had some editor feel to it. Also helpful to put some of the content in tables, like the @- shortcodes on the crontab pages.

    Nice work, though.

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  • Posted to How to identify fonts used in apps?, Jun 06, 2019

    IF it's on Android, you can download the .APK from any of the file-hosting sites, then rename it to a .ZIP, and extract the folder. In the folder, go to res/font/ and you'll find the fonts in there.

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  • Posted to A Design Conferences website, Dec 18, 2018


    I noted when someone asked about conference websites last week. Following Nuno's first step to compile the list via Google Sheet, I put together this quick MVP for folks to have a website to look for conference information.


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  • Posted to A design conferences Google Sheet for 2019, Dec 18, 2018


    I noticed this too when someone asked of it in the past week. I just made based off the data in the Google Sheet. This is just an MVP I put together. Thanks for leading the way.

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  • Posted to Sketch folder missing from iCloud Drive after OS X re-install, in reply to Hristijan Todorov , Jan 26, 2016

    I just found this, and it helped me to recover the docs from my Backup Drive. Thanks for your help, though.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you handle hagglers?, Jan 03, 2016

    Once you begin to charge lower than you're worth, it's difficult to raise your rate. Simply tell them no; the non-hagglers who value your work will pay for your services. Unless you need money to "keep the lights on", keep your price at where you know it's worth.

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  • Posted to 2015 Cyber Monday Design Deals, in reply to Meng To , Nov 30, 2015

    Thanks, Meng. This is probably the best deal I've seen. Totally bought it! Cheers!

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  • Posted to AMA: Jean-Marc Denis, Designer at Google (Formerly at Sparrow), Oct 21, 2015

    I loved using Sparrow as an e-email client. About 4 weeks ago, it began crashing and getting a bit more unstable — I reluctantly switched to a new email client. I understand that Google acquired your company but I want to know if there was ever a time you thought of making your product open-source so other developers could build on top of it.

    I feel we have lost one of the best Mac email clients out there. Any comments on making Sparrow open-source?

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  • Posted to Disappointing Mailbox update. Looking for new Mail client!, Aug 20, 2015

    Sparrow makes the cut for me. I live the way it just works. No updates but ... it works!

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