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  • Posted to What's your ringtone?, in reply to Jon L , Oct 13, 2016

    Same here! I also use the text tone. They're both from Blackberry.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who remembers May 1 Reboot?, Jan 30, 2016

    This brings back wonderful memories. I completely forgot about this event.

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  • Posted to DN Fitbit Group - Anyone else get a fitbit?, Dec 27, 2015

    I'm very interested in buying either a Fitbit Charge HR or Jawbone UP3. Has anyone owned both to compare? I'm mainly curious to monitor my sleep patterns and I read Jawbone produces better information on this.

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  • Posted to A new Wunderlist, in reply to Aaron Wright , Dec 02, 2015

    I wish I could use the stock Reminders app, but I hate how it requires you to choose a time for a task instead of just the day. I was a long time Todoist user until switching to 2Do full time earlier this week. It has Siri integration if you're dependent on that feature. I'm part of their beta and the developers are extremely active. The app offers more features than I need and best of all it's not subscription based.

    The market is flood with to-do apps and there is a legitimate reason. I've gone through my fair share of to-do apps and came to the realization that there is no one size fits all app. Each person has their own preference of how they wish to complete tasks and many of us refuse to break our workflow. I've thought about creating my own app to suite my own personal needs, but that's probably just a pipe dream. For now, I'll be sticking with 2Do.

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  • Posted to Any fellow NJ based designers?, in reply to Sean Healey , Sep 02, 2015

    Same here. I just visited your apparel site. I'm almost certain one of your models (Anthony) is related to one of my best friends. Small world!

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  • Posted to I'm teaching Sketch 3 for free. Know anyone who could use this?, in reply to Greg W. , Jul 14, 2015

    Looks like

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  • Posted to Joshua Topolsky Said to Be Leaving Bloomberg, Jul 11, 2015

    Josh has made a statement on his departure.

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  • Posted to Canceling Creative Cloud, Jul 02, 2015

    On 6/18/2014 I cancelled my personal Creative Cloud membership via DM on twitter. It was incredibly easy and it only took a few minutes. I suppose they've change the process to make it a bit more difficult now.

    Since canceling my membership, I received a phone call and numerous emails that offered me a discount rate to come back.

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  • Posted to Browsers! Which one!, Nov 11, 2014

    I end up using Chrome no matter how many times I force myself to try and use Safari. For me personally, Chrome runs much more stable than Safari especially with a bunch of tabs open. It's frustrating since I favor Safari on iOS.

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  • Posted to Play/Pause/Track App for Mac, Oct 25, 2014

    The only app that comes to mind is BeardedSpice.

    Edit: Oops, someone beat me to it. I had my comments disabled.

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