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  • Posted to Sketch 50, in reply to Surjith S M , May 11, 2018

    Do we really need a sketch update thread every week or two?

    Yes, yes we do.

    Sketch is somewhat unstable when a new major version is released and I would like to know what problems designers are having before I upgrade. It seems we are Sketch's QA department so these threads are important.

    What's funny is, I just had 2 problems in Sketch 50 and the first thing I did was come here to see what people were saying. This thread has 40 comments at the time of this comment with you being the only one complaining about this post existing, so maybe respect the fact that others might want this thread.

    Anyway, I downgraded back to 49.3 for the time being. "Improved Performance" yet I get the spinning beach ball non-stop.

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  • Posted to Sketch 46, Aug 01, 2017

    Sketch 46 consistently crashes when I try to change the symbol artboard size.

    This is what I get for upgrading on day 1.

    UPDATE: This only happens when I try to manually enter the dimensions in the side panel, if I drag the artboard with the cursor it doesn't crash.

    UPDATE 2: Symbol artboard panel is buggy, I can't increment pressing up/down button anymore. This release is very unstable, I'm going to downgrade.

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  • Posted to Full Stack Designer, a real thing?, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Apr 22, 2017

    Something only a full stack designer is capable of doing.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are you installing Yosemite on your work machine?, Jun 03, 2014

    I installed Mavericks not long after it was released after our IT guy told us explicitly NOT to do it. As a company that has a diverse amount of techie/non-techie people, I thought it was just a blanket cautionary email and proceeded anyway. I borked my machine in such the perfect way that I couldn't even restore from a Time Machine backup or wipe the HD clean via command line. I'm pretty sure the machine had a bad HD (though it still worked). I had to call IT in to fix it and it put my ego back in check.

    So, no, I won't be installing the beta. I might use the aforementioned laptop to install it (I got a new one long after this happened a few months ago), but I certainly won't be installing it on my work machine and I'd encourage you guys not to either. If you have an extra laptop or if you want to run it from disk, then so be it, but don't install it as your main OS. Seriously, no, don't do it.

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