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  • Posted to PNGHUT - Resource of millions of free transparent PNG images, in reply to Chris Rosenau , Jun 15, 2020

    Agreed. While some of it may be legitimately free to use, I cannot trust it because so much of the rest they most certainly don't have a license to use.

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  • Posted to I'm looking for new job and I'm struggling with interviews :( , Feb 06, 2020

    Can you share some of the sorts of questions you've struggled with?

    Giving general advice is a bit challenging. Each interviewer and company will be looking for different things, and the questions/needs will vary a lot depending on the role and level.

    With that said, I'll try to provide some advice.

    Generally speaking, each question I ask is intended to help me understand something about you, your abilities, and your experience. It can be helpful to think about the question from that perspective so you give an appropriate answer. I don't necessarily care about the design piece you're showing me, but I do want to know how you got to that design.

    The questions I ask typically fall into two groups:

    1. Assessing your general understanding of the UX process and your ability to implement this. Most likely my role will be different than things you've done in the past, so I need to know you understand the fundamentals and can apply them in a variety of scenarios.
    2. Specific questions about items in your portfolio. For example, why did you choose a hamburger menu instead of a tab bar. Here, I want to see your design thinking in practice. Is it user-centric? Do you use data to drive decisions? Do you understand pros and cons of different components? And so on.

    Hope this helps a little. Happy to answer more specific questions!

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  • Posted to A series of beautiful web personal homepage templates, Dec 20, 2019

    Half of these are completely unreadable.

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  • Posted to Let your customers write your copy for you, Nov 28, 2019

    I like this advice.

    I was working with a client who has a coaching business and she was having trouble coming up with content. I suggested she reach out to her existing clients for testimonials, and then base the copy on her site on what her customers wrote. Not only did she get some awesome testimonials, but she was then able to use many of the same terms and phrases in her content. It also gave her a really good sense of what her customers value, which made for stronger value statements.

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  • Posted to What to do when your design career stalls?, in reply to Weston Vierregger , Nov 11, 2019

    All of what Weston said is really good.

    One additional thought: A lack of promotion isn't necessarily bad. I know plenty of designers who just want to be designers, don't want to move into management (which is a totally different job), and aren't really in a position to become a "Principle" designer (smaller companies/few such roles/etc.). However, a lack of movement, growth, working on bigger/different projects and so on for several years would be concerning. Things change, and invariably get more complicated, so it is important to show you can change and improve, irrespective of job title.

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  • Posted to How i used my product skills to increase revenue from a side project, Oct 07, 2019

    Good post. It was great to see your process and how they led to results.

    One quick suggestion: At the start of your article, mention what your business is and probably also link to your Etsy storefront. When I first started reading, I didn't actually know what your business was.

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  • Posted to DesignerNews is almost dead, Oct 07, 2019

    Where do you go now for community like this?

    I've joined a few Slack channels, but mostly they've been regional or otherwise not quite a good fit.

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  • Posted to New site design., Aug 29, 2019

    Great design. I particularly love the color choices.

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  • Posted to The Original Kindle Was Crazy, Aug 10, 2019

    Love seeing early versions of products.

    Great reminder of how importation iteration and evolution is with product design. Getting it right is early is important, but more important is often getting something out there, seeing how it is working, improving it, then rinse and repeat.

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