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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, Feb 04, 2020

    I know there are very mixed feelings about design challenges, but I have to find ways to understand if designers can think on their feet and if I can work together with them on a project.

    Why not do that by just... y'know... hiring them? Let them show you how they work as a designer by letting them actually work as a designer.

    Too often there are only two possible outcomes of a job application — You're either hired full time or you're not. Why not give them a "paid design challenge" by bringing them in for a small project on a freelance/contract basis, paying them for their time, and reevaluating after the project is finished?

    Both parties actually benefit from this approach, no matter what the outcome is. If it's positive, then you've hired a designer, and the applicant gets hired. Win-win. If it's not meant to be, then at least you got some design work done during the hiring process, and the applicant got a bit of money in their pocket and some more experience under their belt. Win-win.

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  • Posted to I collected 126 new remote jobs for designers at Canva, Shopify, GitHub, and others, Jan 29, 2020

    This is pretty awesome. Quick question: How do you differentiate between UI/UX and Product Design jobs? They mean the same thing in my eyes lol

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  • Posted to How do you use multiple Macs?, in reply to LX Lavallee , Dec 10, 2019

    This has been one of the biggest benefits of switching over from Sketch to Figma for me. No file management/looking for scattered .sketch files. It's all on the cloud!

    For other files, I have 2 G Drive accounts; one for personal and one for work.

    Worth noting also that I don't actually have two Macs, I have a MBP and a Windows PC. Still works like a charm across platforms!

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  • Posted to new landing page , Dec 06, 2019

    Holy crap this is awesome. Is the 167 hours completely from scratch? Including the graphics/screenshots/gifs? If so that is insanely fast my dude.

    One small critique though: In the "Completely Customizable" section of the home page, it took me a while to realise the icons above the image weren't interactive, and even longer to notice the slider below the image. I'd suggest swapping these around and having the slider above the image, and maybe making the icons appear less like buttons somehow?

    Apart from that, super impressive. Well done!

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  • Posted to How do you deal with people seeing your unfinished work when you share url(Figma)?, Nov 24, 2019

    I'm more uncomfortable sharing a live link that they can now use to literally watch me design in real-time. I get stage freight lol

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  • Posted to Framer is going web based with multi-user editing, in reply to John P , Nov 22, 2019

    Actually I think they've already confirmed that they're working on it!

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  • Posted to Is 'Mid'-Boarding a Thing?, Aug 06, 2019

    Have not heard the term before but can absolutely get behind the idea. One thing that comes to mind that I love is how Notion gives you these little visual preview when adding a new content block.

    Totally not in-your-face or invasive, but effectively shows you what the content block you're about to add will look like. It's onboarding that feels like it's part of the product.

    Notion Visual Cues

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  • Posted to Hiring a Freelance Designer for a Full-Time Position, in reply to Bart Claeys , Jul 30, 2019

    I think you misunderstood the article. It wasn't talking about hiring freelancers, it was about hiring someone for a full time position, but the person's experience is predominantly freelance work.

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  • Posted to Youtube Design channels, Jul 04, 2019

    Someone needs to fill the gaping hole in my life left by Dann Petty and Pablo Stanley :(

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