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  • Posted to Getting help from an engineer., Feb 14, 2018


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  • Posted to What are some good portfolios? , in reply to Stephen Kistner , Feb 08, 2018

    fuck. this looks interestingly intriguing!

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  • Posted to WTF PROJECT?, in reply to Jim Silverman , Jan 29, 2018

    true story dude. i found this and i was like wtf?? ahahaha

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  • Posted to What's a quick way to test new logo options?, Jan 23, 2018

    get a "designers only" slack channel. there's loads of them! or dribbble for feedback.

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  • Posted to Who are the most disruptive designers/teams today? , Jan 16, 2018

    Gleb from Fantasy.

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  • Posted to Ask DN : How to adopt a Design System?, Dec 29, 2017

    there's no formula, or specific design process to do it. ideas come and go, when it appears you'll notice!

    You can start by sorting out all the small details and then go from that. or you can just sketch a page or some editorial, and go from that. use what you like, take off what you don't and go from that.

    You need to find out, how (you or your team) works better. Don't make rules for it!

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  • Posted to I Love Your Comment, Dec 04, 2017

    This one is stupid. There's nothing wrong with these comments. They're not done automatically like, "please check my work at blablabla".


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  • Posted to Feedback needed: New Portfolio - Austin Robinson, in reply to Austin Robinson , Nov 30, 2017

    its not very good in webdesign justifying text. i don't know who said that, but they started to have their point since the mobile interfaces showed up. It's ugly to see justified text in mobile.

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  • Posted to Feedback needed: New Portfolio - Austin Robinson, Nov 29, 2017

    don't justify the text in your summary please :D and dont do it in your case studies. overall looks cool. you just need to sort out some details :)

    just publish it and dont be afraid!

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  • Posted to 10 THINGS DESIGNERS HATE, in reply to BAKA .kid , Nov 10, 2017

    it's clickbait if i'm not telling the thruth. the thing is that you really find 10 topic about the title in the article. So, i dont know if you can call it bait...

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