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  • Posted to Show DN: Cool Backgrounds, May 23, 2018

    dat soft shadow ~chef kiss~

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  • Posted to Lottie animations as a web component, Mar 25, 2018

    this is really cool! Is there a GitHub repo I can star to remember this?

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  • Posted to Sell us your design website. Wasai — Digital Ventures., Feb 01, 2018

    Interesting. My buddy Charlie and I have been talking about something similar. I think if you have a good main business, just buying side projects in a relevant or adjacent space, then pointing the traffic to your main gig might work out to a lower CAC than buying ads.

    Not saying that’s what this is, but def worth exploring.

    Oh yeah. Sick design ;)

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  • Posted to A seat at the table., in reply to Zach Hubbard , Feb 01, 2018

    Thanks for the super thoughtful response! _^ I agree with the points that you've made. There's indeed often a way for design to navigate the org in a way that puts it on a more equal footing with other disciplines.

    I guess I was reacting more to the unrealized excitement from the period of Apple's re-ascendency, when it felt like design as on its way to become a dominant organizational priority everywhere.

    That obviously didn't happen, and for good reason—design isn't the first priority at many orgs. So for me, it's not that designer are not willing to take the seat offered in 2018, but rather that it's been taken but also turns out that the seat can sometimes be at a far corner of the table in some orgs.

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  • Posted to A seat at the table., Jan 31, 2018

    Hey Pablo, could you explain the 2018 panel? I'm not sure I have the same read you do on the state of designers having a seat at the table.

    This is personal experience, but I don't think I know a lot of designers reluctant to participate in company decisions. If anything, it seems that this is the year of our industry reckoning with what it means to have a seat at the table:

    • What is the balance between user advocacy and business objectives?
    • What's right tradeoff between polish and speed of shipping?
    • Are we actually designing products that meaningfully make the world better?

    If anything, I don't know if we ever sat at this proverbial table. If you look at the upper stratum of most large orgs, you'll find very few design people there. Seems like most of the time, we are subsumed under PM, marketing or eng.

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  • Posted to Helping clients choose agencies and freelancers, Jan 29, 2018

    Hey DN, here at OM Studio, we often get first-time clients and startups who aren't sure who to hire for their design needs so we wrote a short guide clarifying some of the differences between different kinds of agencies and freelancers.

    I'd love to hear your experience. When freelancing, how do you set yourself apart from studios/agencies? If you're an agency, how do you stand out from freelancers?

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  • Posted to Designer Lynx — a comprehensive list of links for all your UI needs, Nov 02, 2017

    Looking good! Thanks for featuring goodweb.design!

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  • Posted to Best libraries / solutions for Animate on scroll?, in reply to Julain Vera , Nov 02, 2017

    I use scrollmagic. Very powerful. Not sure how it compares to other stuff, but it was fairly easy to pick up.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Best Architecture Software List, Oct 12, 2017

    Illustrations and animation look dope. What happened to the wavy arm on this dude?

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  • Posted to North Korea Graphic Design, in reply to Li Xiaohan , Oct 09, 2017

    Grew up in china. Definitely saw a lot of these patterns. For a long time, I hated these color palettes because of their association with the poor quality products my grand parents used to own.

    I've since come around. With distance, I've now come to associate these with a nice part of my childhood. I wish more brands would take advantage of this nostalgia.

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