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Alex Montague

UI Designer. Joined over 10 years ago via an invitation from Ben B. Alex has invited Jeremy Goldberg, Eric Frank, Mallory Sluetz, Jon Green

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  • Posted to Vulf Sans, Jul 12, 2019


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  • Posted to Spotify Wrapped (2018), Dec 07, 2018

    I personally like the visuals quite a bit, but regardless of how you feel about them, I've seen this literally all over social media lately. Great idea, efficient design and extremely sharable with the summary image they provide. Brilliant!

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  • Posted to Farewill — sort your will online., Jun 20, 2017

    This is absolutely gorgeous! The iconography is so neat, and the onboarding method starting with clicking "I live in England or Wales" is brilliant, too!

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  • Posted to Mozilla launches new brand identity, Jan 19, 2017

    +1 for just seeing the :/ face..... :/

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  • Posted to Mozilla launches new brand identity, in reply to Adam Marsden , Jan 19, 2017

    Subtle. Nice touch :)

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  • Posted to Redesign, Dec 19, 2016

    This is a really gorgeous redesign to the home page!

    Only thing is, will this excellent touching-up make its way into the actual UI of the tool itself? The homepage was already gorgeous, but the UI (though well laid-out) seems like it could use a little catching up aesthetically.

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  • Posted to Westworld UI - A Supercut, Dec 15, 2016

    This makes me wonder if UI design will ever enter a phase where the trend is this 'futuristic' look.

    That's how we'll know when we're finally in the future :)

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  • Posted to Mapbox has new landing page, Dec 01, 2016

    Well damn. This looks great!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe, Sep 21, 2016

    Great to see that the 'redesign' reaches through to the entire site. Really bugs me when companies introduce a new style but don't bother to change most of the pages deeper into their site. Well done!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is the best Dribbble iPhone app, and why?, in reply to Jeffrey de Groot , Sep 19, 2016

    Pinky is my favorite too, but I just use it for viewing buckets for inspiration. If you do anything beyond that, you'll find it's actually filled with glitches, and the inability to comment means any community-oriented actions are out of the question.

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