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  • Posted to When Stephen Fry met Jony Ive: the self-confessed tech geek talks to Apple's newly promoted chief design officer, May 26, 2015

    Why the f*** do they still promote this blatant lie: "Jobs then founded a computer graphics company, Pixar. When it was bought by Disney he became that company’s leading shareholder."

    No, Steve Jobs didn't founded Pixar, he later on put money into it, the brain behind the beginnings of Pixar was Ed Catmull, and the creative one was John Lasseter.

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  • Posted to 5" Android screens are like 4,7" iPhone screens, Nov 05, 2014

    The usual reality distorsion of an Apple fanboy... So, you test a Nexus device ( that has no hardware buttons ) and then you say "5" ANDROID screens". Why wouldn't you check sizes with the S4 5" screen?. Maybe because it's bigger and has far better resolucion than the crappy iphone?.

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  • Posted to How I was wrong about big smartphones, in reply to Jim Silverman , Nov 04, 2014

    Maybe the Apple fanboy hands had grown for the last few years and now it's ok.

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  • Posted to 6 ways iOS is becoming more like Android, in reply to Pierre de Milly , Jun 10, 2014

    Really well put, both great in their fields....

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  • Posted to 6 ways iOS is becoming more like Android, in reply to Luke Mitchell , Jun 06, 2014

    Apart from the obvious bias on the site, have you read anything that ain't true in that article?. Apart from the huge hypocrisy on Apple's part, They constantly accuse others of stealing their ideas and state themselves as innovators after copying things like these ones.

    Edit: Just to be clear, I'm ok with Apple copying those things from Android, it's a good thing for all the users. What it makes me mad is they getting mad when google does it ( as they both had obviouly done in the past ).

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