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  • Posted to Interviews with the people who design fake Apple Products, Nov 06, 2014

    Is it just me, or is that title a little bit misleading? I thought this was going to be interviews with the people who design fake Apple products (like the Chinese GooPhone i6), not imaginary products.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your favourite Android apps? , in reply to Gonçalo Morais , Sep 30, 2014

    Google Play is blocked in China, so many Chinese app developers use 3rd party stores (ex: Baidu, Anzhi). The downside of these stores is that their standards for what's allowed in an app is much lower. Without Aviva, I wouldn't know that Baidu's cloud service has a component which they believe allows them to monitor my usage in a way I might not want. It's handy to have.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your favourite Android apps? , Sep 29, 2014

    Launcher: Atom (side-scrolling dock)

    Money: Dollarbird

    Journal: Journey

    Music: Shuttle / Xiami (I'm in China)

    Weather: Arcus

    Anti-virus: Avira

    Email: Acompli

    Paranoia: Orbot, Orweb, ChatSecure, Call Recorder, ObscuraCam, Pixelknot, Gliph, TextSecure

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  • Posted to HackerWeb – a simply readable Hacker News web app, Aug 04, 2014

    Job well done here! Would be ace as a chrome extension, though.

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  • Posted to LICEcap Replacement Icon, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Jul 31, 2014

    The crudeness of just working

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  • Posted to The Chinese Apple, Jul 31, 2014

    I live in China and can at least vouch for the awesomeness of the Mi Box. Had a friend root and customize ours to include the apps for several web streaming services to really get the most out of it. But now we can stream live TV from HK and the US, as well as stream the latest Chinese shows and subtitled versions of whatever is hot here.

    Living here, there's no comparison to being 'locked in' with Apple TV. It isn't paying all that money and having none of what Mi Box offers. On the other hand, Mi Box has to be rooted, and there are loads of competitor boxes that don't even require that (come fully loaded with everything/anything you could ever want).

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where do you go for your music?, Jul 31, 2014

    I go to Pitchfork just because of the scope of what they'll review. It's pretty wide.

    I check out Lambgoat but sadly this is more news than actual music. If there was a Pitchfork for hardcore and metal, I'd be there every single day.

    Otherwise, for listening, I use Xiami (Chinese Spotify)

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  • Posted to Draggable Slideshow, Jun 27, 2014

    Have to say, I just said "That is slick" out loud. Nice one.

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  • Posted to Free stock music (not photos)?, Jun 12, 2014

    If you search on Creative Commons you'll find several choices for music. Just make sure you're searching the right license that allows you to use that work (check-boxes at the top)

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  • Posted to LaunchBar 6—Meet the future of productivity., Jun 12, 2014

    This might be a naive question, but why don't things like this exist for Windows?

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