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  • Posted to Long slow death is over: bye Pixelapse, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Aug 05, 2016

    Hi Taylor, Thanks for the reply. I can't see .sketch as a file type that can be previewed on

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  • Posted to Long slow death is over: bye Pixelapse, Aug 04, 2016

    Got this in the mail today. Been a huge fan of them at the start, and kept using the service even after they joined dropbox. Is there anybody still using it and about to make the switch to dropbox pro? Already did? It doesn't come as a surprise, but one thing I can't find is if there is support for sketch files.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Ship Your Friends Meth, in reply to Laura McCartney , Dec 09, 2015

    Absolutely support Laura's comment. The copy is actually aggressive "Are you really selling meth? No, you idiot." and "In case you're really this dull, No, I'm not actually selling meth." are antagonising me straight away from what could be more tongue in cheek, parody. The tone set with the goal to "get decent media coverage so I won't have to scrape by with shitty web design jobs?"is undermining the fact that it's a good catchy idea that will surely help you stand out from the crowd. But the copy, therefore you, come across as too good for those shitty jobs. If it's an humorous site, keep a funny twist in your copy and tone down the antagonising tone of voice. You'll get surely more response and interest as being a witty designer that people would love to work with.

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  • Posted to Stocksnap, a collection of stock photos under CC0 licence, Feb 18, 2015

    Found stocksnap here on designer news. Been charmed at first glance. Why? Giving photos back to the community with NSA. I started taking pictures as a hobby this year really, and why not give one of those pic for free, to whoever might need it. So here goes, I hope the service works out. On top of that, I've been scouring the web for other source of stock photos, but never got anything remotely authentic. This post on medium ( has been my go to place, but most sites lack a proper search/tagging. The premise of stocksnap with search and tag is a great start.

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  • Posted to What tools you have purchased for which are helpful in your Design and Development workflow?, Feb 09, 2015

    Sketch is by far the best investment I've made to help with my workflow over the last 2 years. I still have a Creative Cloud Subscription through work which I use too, but not a worthwhile investment now. More of a convenience thing. Mybalsamiq is something I'm also happy to pay for.

    Playing around with avocode and Macaw, but they haven't been integrated in my workflow yet.

    Then there's loads of free stuff out there that I use too (browser + their inspector, Sublime text, Evernote...)

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  • Posted to Show DN: World Of X - An Interactive Exploration of the World of Marvel's X-Men, Sep 24, 2014

    Great initiative, having grown up with X-men and such, it's good fun to see it in google maps. I had no idea Atlantis was right in the middle of the Atlantic (Ok it sounds stupid when I read it :)

    A bit slow on 13" MBPr, but most graphic, assets intensive websites are.

    I thought it was an official Marvel webapp, until I read the comments here, good work.

    Keep it geeky

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  • Posted to Prott's new teaser gets freaky with double full-blown video, Sep 01, 2014

    120% CPU use, Holy cow, full-blown is very literal this time :)

    ps: what is the app doing, digitalising paper prototypes?

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  • Posted to New Wired, Aug 29, 2014

    The homepage clearly makes a statement. Usability wise, not sure about horizontal scrolling in the long run. Good to see a big name trying something a bit bolder than most news outlet.

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  • Posted to Instagram Hyperlapse App., Aug 27, 2014

    Should we place bet on how many #onmywaytowork #hyperlapse will start showing up on facebook, instagram ? :)

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  • Posted to Avocode Pre-order: Anyone got onboard?, in reply to Johannes Weber , Aug 26, 2014

    Oh, I didn't know about Adobe Extract. Will check it out, thanks. (Even though it's not really a deal if it's free by default ;)

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