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  • Posted to Ask DN: Dropbox or Google Drive, May 12, 2015

    For me the huge difference is that Drive doesn't notify you when a folder has changed with a pop up notification as Dropbox does.

    If you're waiting for some changes from your team mate you can: - just watch the last changes in the drive and go through the last edits list OR - ask to send you a message when they are done.

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  • Posted to I am facing a UI Design problems with differences in macbook pro and other laptops, May 12, 2015

    You will always face this problem. And this is not only because of the different OS but it could be caused by different monitor models (or even worse simply by two monitors of the same brand and model).

    Do you really need to have the same exact colors on both machines? If so, the only thing you can do is to calibrate those monitors using professional tools but I this is a really specific solution.

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  • Posted to Does listening to music while working increase or decrease your productivity?, Jan 02, 2015

    Designer & Developer here!

    When I need to design something and I need to brainstorm, research, draw a lot of stuff then I prefer to listen to my playlist here on Spotify with downtempo music and deep bass mostly:

    Instead if I am coding, I prefer just silence so I put my in-ear headphones with no music and just concentrate on coding.

    Never heard about someone focusing with movie in the background :D That's very curious!

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  • Posted to New OK GO Music Video: The creativity that goes into these videos is always astonishing. , Oct 28, 2014

    That's super insane! At first I thought this could CG but then I saw this video by amateur high school marching bands or something like that

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  • Posted to Site Design: Toffeenut Design Portfolio, Sep 01, 2014

    A quick thing that came in mind is that it is always weird to me that when you zoom a project and go back, you don't go back at the point you were. It just happens to go at the top of the home and it's a bit frustrating in my opinion.

    What do you think?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What’s your interaction design process, from pencil to prototype ?, Aug 25, 2014

    Like @BrendanGramer said, it depends from the project itself.

    I create videogames and interactive installations from some years now and I've experienced different methods that all works if you know these things: 1. The target audience. It has an huge impact on the way you show how your idea works. The non-tech guys will always have a different point of view from yours. 2. Time and budget. Usually we all have limited resources so be very smart on picking the right tools at the right time.

    That said, this is what I usually do.

    I choose After effects if I think that transitions and animations does make a difference, or if I have time and pleasure to make a nice presentation.

    Second option: I do a static presentation (Keynote, PowerPoint or ordered PNGs) with high quality graphics.

    Third option: I do wireframes in digital or on paper if I am talking with colleagues that I know very well and if I can explain it in verbally.

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  • Posted to Gravit - Free design tool public Beta available now, in reply to Alexander Adam , Aug 19, 2014

    Well, that's not what I usually expect but it is surely a starting point :) Thanks!

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  • Posted to Gravit - Free design tool public Beta available now, Aug 09, 2014

    Hey I just tried your web and windows apps. I love what you're doing and I really hope you will make big steps forward. Maybe you could be what Blender is for 3D software :)

    I would like to suggest one simple thing. Just please make save files in xml or editable in text editors and not in binary files like any Adobe software. This is extremely useful for project repository, avoiding waste of space and let the designer do some comparing between two files.

    Thank you so much and all my best wishes to you!

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