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Cosmin Negoita

Bracknell, UK UI Designer Joined almost 11 years ago via an invitation from Daryl G.

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  • Posted to Editing PSD without Photoshop, Jun 19, 2016

    Very nice! Makes it easy to edit stuff on the go in case you don't have your machine around you!

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  • Posted to I have an offer to work in Dubai as UX designer, May 30, 2016

    I had an offer a while ago to work there for about 12000AED which would have been alright. Coming from an up and coming company which didn't even have proper funding, I assume that you could earn a lot more at an established company. My employer said I would be spending 3000AED on rent and maybe 1500 on food (1AED = 1 romanian leu, which for me would have worked perfectly since the prices were quite the same as back home).

    The only reason I turned the offer down was because I was way too far from home. I'm better off in the UK, just 3 hours away.

    But yeah, if the money is good and you can have a decent living there, I'd say go for it. Just stay away from the sun haha.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Photoshop exported SVG not showing anything in sketch?, Mar 01, 2016

    I don't have Sketch installed anymore, but could you open the PS SVGs into Illustrator and save them again? Illustrator SVGs opened correctly in Sketch last time I checked.

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  • Posted to Best Kept Font, Aug 17, 2015

    Work Sans is quite awesome and it's on Google Fonts.

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  • Posted to PS vs Sketch - Whos winning the battle now?, Jul 01, 2015

    I guess it still depends from person to person. Personally I've always used PS. Sketch was and still is buggy as hell. At the end of the day, people use whatever suits them. If you feel comfortable using GIMP, then use it. The result is the important part.

    Sketch is playing a huge role in Photoshop's improvement, but in time Adobe could kill Sketch if they keep introducing its features (or even improving them). The best advantage for using Sketch is the price tag imo, the other things are expendable.

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  • Posted to Why all the hate against Open Sans?, Jun 01, 2015

    I've never heard anyone criticising it, but rather complaining about it's really wide use. I used to obsess over using it a couple of years ago just because it rendered so well in PS.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is it necessary to have case studies of your projects on your portfolio?, Mar 03, 2015

    It depends. Big companies that are interested in you will always try to find out about your process and challenges you had to solve on certain projects. This gives them an insight about how you work and this is a very good thing to look at because at the end of the day everyone can push pixels and make them pretty, but not everyone is able to overcome specific challenges.

    People that just need a website won't go into detail. They'll see a screenshot and think "ah, nice work!".

    So it all depends on what you're aiming at.

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  • Posted to Developer moving to London, Mar 03, 2015

    First thing you need to do apart from getting a job is to register for a national insurance number. Call Job Centre plus and get an appointment. Do this as quick as possible cause sometimes it lasts even 2 months.

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