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  • Posted to Show DN: Rain UI - A calming UI theme for Atom, in reply to Dan Charlesworth , Feb 24, 2015

    Yes definitely fix the tabs I can't even see them. Also one thing I like about the Seti theme is how it uses different icons for different file types.. .html, .scss, .js. etc.

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  • Posted to Beam, a new reddit iOS app, Nov 19, 2014

    Hi, I tried out your app and I like the design approach. Unfortunately it crashed about 5 times for me in the span of a few minutes. So I'm deleting the app, but I may try it again in the future when it is more stable.

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  • Posted to Beautiful Coloured Gradients, Sep 07, 2014

    When I first launched the page it gave me something called Clouds which was white and light gray, so I couldn't see anything.


    Colour 1: #ECE9E6

    Colour 2: #FFFFFF

    I figured the page crashed so I reloaded it and got a different color, then I noticed the arrows and the footer. You might want to make those more visible.

    Also, for pretty much every gradient I am seeing the screen flicker. I'm on a Macbook with Chrome 37.

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  • Posted to My portfolio is finally live. , in reply to Anders Drage , Sep 05, 2014

    Really nice portfolio! It's well designed and high quality so I was willing to look through all of your projects (which I hardly do on portfolio sites).

    I never knew about Norwegian milk but now I really want to try that Mountain Milk! It looks so good!

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  • Posted to My portfolio is finally live. , in reply to Rami James , Sep 05, 2014

    Then you're missing out... it's actually well implemented here.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Sporty – A Beautifully Crafted App for Creating and Joining Sports Activities Nearby, Aug 27, 2014

    Edit: How do you plan for this to be better than Facebook group & events? Or Meetup?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: keeping a budget., Jul 28, 2014

    We use the Dave Ramsey envelope system:

    Basically, at the start of the month, withdraw your whole monthly budget in cash for categories like Food, Gas, and Personal money and put it in separate envelopes. Each week you are allowed to only spend 1/4 of the envelope, if you run out, you have to wait until the end of the week to withdraw more cash from the envelope.

    For things like rent, water, electric, phone, car payments, loan payments, Netflix, etc these are set up to auto withdraw from our checking account.

    The difference between the cash category and the auto-payments is the auto-payments are generally a fixed amount and they happen at different times of the month, so its best to have it done automatically. The cash categories are things that you can be tempted to overspend on, so this forces you to budget and be aware of how much you spend on them.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do You Plan On Using Background Videos For Your Website, Jul 23, 2014

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  • Posted to Matching you with awesome job opportunities at sexy startups, Jul 22, 2014

    This site has a nice design but the functionality needs improvement. When I was doing the initial onboarding, you can't even go back a step, and I had to hope I could change things later. I selected front end, back end, and full stack dev and I said I'm willing to relocate to North America and Europe.

    When I finished, it said "Sorry, we can't find any job offers that match your preferences right now", but when I clicked on "See all jobs" and there's a ton of jobs in Europe matching these preferences - what?? I tried to edit my profile and I still can't figure out how to change my relocation preferences.

    Also, there seems to be quite a lot of work involved to fill out a profile. Do other companies see all this info about me and send me requests? Or am I supposed to be doing all the work to apply? I don't really understand how this is supposed to work, maybe try to clarify that in the messaging somewhere.

    Nice work on the site and hope you keep building it. Also I hope you can get some U.S. startups listed on there as you currently have 0 and that's mainly what I signed up to see.

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  • Posted to Destiny Beta Codes, Jul 18, 2014


    If you have any left, I'd love a PS4 Americas code. If not, then maybe a PS3 Americas code?

    My email is kpapke(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

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