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  • Posted to New Stripe, Jul 10, 2020

    I don's see what is so bad about the accessibility. The main headline is accessible due to it's size. The navigation is accessible due to being singular words, although it could be better.

    Overall, it's a massive increase in accessibility. They are using much higher contrast colors and darker text. They used to be all about using grey text which was awful.

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  • Posted to Eli Schiff and Mike Rundle on Dropbox Rebranding, Oct 17, 2017

    The discussion about Dropbox being a commodity and that it doesn't need an expressive brand, the new brand doesn't match the boring business of storage, etc., annoys me. The commodification of cloud storage will ruin dropbox if they don't figure out how to be more than a commodity. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, and Google all offer storage as a feature of their platforms.

    When we look at Dropbox, we see it only as it has ever been. But inside of Dropbox, people know the long term strategy. There are products being developed that we don't know about. It makes sense that they are moving away from commodified cloud storage because that business will soon become just a feature.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to Matt K , Oct 06, 2017

    "Oh no, it's just plain old Dropbox."

    For now. We have no idea what new products they have been working on.

    People are saying things like "they do not do creative apps like adobe, they are just file storage". We can't see their product pipeline. With Paper and this marketing, it's clear that they a moving in a direction that they see their business as much more than file storage. While they made a brand out of just file storage, there are now many options that do it as well. File storage is just a feature.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to Ken Em , Oct 04, 2017

    I’m kind of confused with “don’t use wrong colors” for the logo. Have they not seen what’s going on with

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to Alex Chan , Oct 03, 2017

    Oh, you’re right. It’s actually pretty basic.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, Oct 03, 2017

    Anybody know how to achieve the masking effect over the logo that happens when scrolling the next div past it? I've seen this on for a while now.

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  • Posted to Kickpush - Product design studio // Fresh new site , Oct 03, 2017

    It's great. My only issue is that the scrolling behavior of centering content after I stop scrolling is unnecessary. If I stop scrolling, It's because I chose where the content should be.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, Oct 03, 2017

    brutalism yo

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  • Posted to Khroma - The AI Color Tool for Designers, Oct 01, 2017

    I’m seeing banding on the Blue/green gradient.

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