Michael Narciso

Michael Narciso

Web Designer at ChowNow Joined about 9 years ago via an invitation from Adrian P.

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  • Posted to No more JS frameworks (please!), May 18, 2014

    I use to be that guy that would not use the library unless there was a jQuery plugin. JS frameworks are what taught me javascript, especially EmberJS. Over the past 6 months with EmberJS, I've gone from only knowing jQuery to being able to understand and contribute to javascript libraries thanks to frameworks.

    I can somewhat understand his frustrations but frameworks are doing more good than harm. Let the frameworks rise and fall, javascript will still be here and it'll be in part due to the fact that newcomers can jump in quickly, make things, and maybe learn some vanilla javascript in the process.

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  • Posted to Having to rent AI and PSD for 1000.-/year makes me hate Adobe, in reply to Philip Amour , May 03, 2014

    Sketch is fantastic, it is good enough if not better for my workflow to completely abandon Adobe. I use it for UI design.

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