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  • Posted to Twitch Redesign, Sep 27, 2019

    I really don't like it, especially the light theme (which was perfect before IMO) there's barely any contrast, just stark white everywhere. The purple header is also gone, great, another bland redesign. Ugh

    EDIT: oh god, look at this page. I hate this new trend:

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  • Posted to Polypane: a browser for designers and developers, May 16, 2019

    This is $12 a month if you're paying YEARLY. It's $22.08 if billed monthly. In Aussie dollars here, that's $31. You're dreaming.

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  • Posted to Best Monitor under 500 dollars, in reply to Dhanish Chhajer , Mar 25, 2019

    I wish I could buy a 4K monitor at that price. Here in Aus, it's $1,019

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  • Posted to The all-new Kirby 3.0, Jan 24, 2019

    "Kirby’s Panel is powered by Vue. Use the full power of Vue or our Vue UI component kit to make the admin interface truly yours."

    Woo Vue! That got my attention :)

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  • Posted to Tip - Start every Webflow project with a style guide, Jan 17, 2019

    Would love to see a live example

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, in reply to Andrew Ciobanasiu , Jan 09, 2019

    What software (KVM?) do you use? That sounds handy.

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  • Posted to New year, new Github, Jan 08, 2019

    Love it!

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  • Posted to How much does a website cost in 2019?, Jan 05, 2019

    Site is completely broken in Safari

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, Dec 26, 2018

    My wife was having the same trouble with her 2017 iMac base model. Over the course of a year, it just slowed to an absolute crawl - basically unusable. We skimped on the harddrive at purchase and got a spinning one (huge mistake I know), Apple shouldn't even be selling them honestly.

    The good news is I was able to fix this quite cheaply buying the Samsung T5 Portable SSD Drive (250GB) - it's less than $200 here in Aus. But you'll need a usb-c thunderbolt output to use it.

    I installed Mohave on the SSD, then wiped the spinning drive and set it up as a timemachine backup. Since then, it's been running like new. I was close to buying a new computer too, as it was out of warranty and the constant crashing was driving us both mad.

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  • Posted to I love this '80s inspired conference site, in reply to Jan Semler , Dec 15, 2018

    Love this, thanks for linking!

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