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  • Posted to Ask DN: What podcasts do you listen to?, Oct 29, 2015

    America's Test Kitchen and Gastropod are great if you like to cook/ are a foodie. Also Sporkful.

    The Black Tapes podcast is really good too.

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  • Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, Oct 08, 2015

    Another thing that has bothered me at times is when a superior crits a design or method as sexy or hot. Not only is it uncomfortable, it's just not a helpful critique.

    But of course there are tons of little things that happen all the time, and maybe women have learned to not let it bother us, but how many mockups I see with only male avatars or ladies in the office are referred to as girls, even just calling someone or something ballsy. Idk, tons of stuff.

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  • Posted to Site Design: First Portfolio - Feedback ?, in reply to Rachel Sinon , Sep 17, 2015

    Further, "25 year old" should have hyphens between each word: "25-year-old."

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  • Posted to iOS 9: First impressions, Sep 17, 2015

    The letterspacing on this new font drives me nuts. The keyboard switching from lowercase to uppercase is going to take a while to get used to, but I think it's an important update. News app is cool, and I'll be interested in seeing how much I'll use it.

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  • Posted to 342,000 Swings Later, Derek Jeter Calls It a Career, Sep 09, 2015

    Reminds me of Powers of Ten. It's a sublime way to illustrate baseball stats that really puts all of his hard work into perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Posted to The Evolution of Magazine Covers [somewhat NSFW], Aug 25, 2015

    Nice article. May want to also say NSFW.

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  • Posted to Why there's nothing quite like iPhone, in reply to Ed Adams , Jul 27, 2015

    I find it difficult to read, in both legibility and content. The stacked headline across four lines repeating the same words with all those punctuation marks… is a headache. I think the core idea here is fine, but saying "if it's not X, then it's not X" is just an odd way to express it.

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  • Posted to Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Emblems, in reply to Mike M , Jul 24, 2015

    You must not forget 1968 Mexico

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  • Posted to Was art or design history part of your design education?, in reply to Drew Albinson , Jul 20, 2015

    Sorry for my late reply- but yes, we had mandatory Art department credits (could be a high-level art history or an art studio class) along with our mandatory Design curriculum and Design studio classes (could range from Magazine/Publication to Illustration to Letterpress, etc.) This was at Auburn University, by the way. When I graduated they had just hired a new dean so it's possible that things have changed now, but this is how it was done when I went through the program.

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  • Posted to Was art or design history part of your design education?, Jul 16, 2015

    Yep. Three broad art history survey classes, at least one additional deep dive art history, and one design history course that ranged from about arts & crafts movement to today. I remember you could elect to take an additional three or so deep dive art history classes in lieu of art studio electives like ceramics or printmaking, etc. and they would all count toward that same credit.

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