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  • Posted to Ask DN: 1. What's your role? 2. Are you remote? 3. How's that going?, Sep 24, 2014
    1. Freelance interface designer.
    2. Yes, remote every day. Sometimes I visit a client's office for a meeting or at the start of a new project, but not often. Mostly we talk through email or phone conferences.
    3. NOT BAD.

    This month I worked from New York, Maryland, Virginia and tomorrow I'm flying to the Bay Area. Launched 2 projects and starting a new one next week.

    The flexible schedule and location can be great for productivity, but it's difficult to sync downtime with friends or a partner who has a more stable schedule.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Crazy Trick: One-page quiz using CSS transitions & animations for feedback, Sep 24, 2014

    A simple quiz: Guess whether the text is from a subject in my spam folder or a news headline.

    I'd love to get thoughts from other designers on the overall experience and ideas on how to encourage more visitors to start and finish the quiz.

    Or if anything sucks horribly and I should feel bad, that would be good to know, too. Thanks!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Link to your Dribbble?, May 30, 2014 — A mix of finished work, in-progress shots and random new things I'm learning.

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