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Courtney Leonard

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  • Posted to AMA: Design Team, Vox Media, in reply to Olivia Barrett , Mar 03, 2016

    Yaaaas! Check out our jobs page:

    Feel free to reach out because we're always hiring! I just joined the team right as this project kicked off in October and can talk about my experience during the hiring process and becoming acclimated to Vox's working environment. Georgia can tell you more about what design leadership looks for in their candidates :)

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    From Mercedes Kraus (Engagement Editor @ Curbed): "I just mentioned them in a tweet! Asking like, Does anybody know how I get in touch with Desus and Mero? Before they'd answered, I found Desus' email address on his website. I'm a big fan; they have a really loyal fan base, are hilarious, and their identities are very tied to where they're from! They had a great time on the shoot and love how all the videos came out. They did a full day of shooting for the Home Sweet Home feature and we cut from that for the promo video."

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    Of all the remote work I've ever done, which is most of the work I've ever done, this process was by far the most seamless. That's because Vox Media as a company has systems in place to support and empower full-time remote employees. All of us are in different cities and (in some cases) time zones, so it's baked into the culture to be considerate of that.

    I'd mentioned in another comment that we had daily morning meetings using Google Hangouts. It was great because some of us travel a lot, but we could rely on a similar schedule every day to sync up and make sure what we were working on was the right thing to be working on. Sometimes we'd be on calls together for 2-3 hours to realign if something came up that could potentially rock the boat. The most important thing to remember in remote projects is that we're all on the same team and we put complete trust in each other's expertise. Everyone on the project did an amazing job with communication and supporting each other's work.

    As for meeting up IRL, we met in DC twice and NYC twice to meet the editorial team and launch the site. Our team leadership is great about gauging the temperature of remote workers and flying them out to sync up as needed.

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  • Posted to AMA: Design Team, Vox Media, in reply to Greg Storey , Mar 03, 2016

    It's really nice to be able to focus on the system itself, and not just building a website. I've found that in the past, I would design a site and then try to force its elements into other applications. The overall brands weren't as strong as a result. While it was hard to stop thinking about ideas for interactions and user experience during the beginning of this process, I learned a lot about designing more subtle characteristics into scalable systems that feel more impervious.

    We worked really closely with the engineers to build customizations for certain elements. While we weren't necessarily building from the ground up, we knew that every decision would effect the future sites launched on Chorus. This was new for me personally, because having worked at agencies in the past, most client projects didn't matter to one another in that sense.

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  • Posted to AMA: Design Team, Vox Media, in reply to Shiraz Ahmed , Mar 03, 2016

    The editorial team played a huge role in the redesign, and it would not have been nearly as successful without them. We had Hangouts with them at least once a week to show them our progress and determine how to iterate on directions according to the editorial strategy. This was a great design challenge because very early on, we were working on creating solutions for tons of situations rather than just making nice things and forcing them into surprise applications later.

    For inspiration, I was on Branding Served quite a bit. Dribbble was super helpful when I was looking around for color palettes and how to balance them. Before we began designing, we worked on an in-depth competitive analysis and constantly went back to the editorial team's feedback on that to shape design parameters.

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    Maketto if I have lots of time, Buredo if I have lots of patience for a line. I want to try Tupelo Honey Cafe the next time I visit!

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    Updated every Friday:

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