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  • Posted to Expensive Chat – Chatroom where you pay $0.01 per letter, Mar 03, 2019

    I previously made and wondered if I could make something similar again, but that could keep going for a longer time. Expensive Chat is the result.

    It was recently featured on a few publications like Vice and The Verge. I'm curious what DN thinks of it, especially the design and overall user experience.

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  • Posted to Startups of 2019, Jan 01, 2019

    Hi DN! Every year we compile a list of startups we expect to hear more from the coming year. We previously featured startups such as InVision, Pinterest, and IFTTT before they made it big. (We've been doing this for 8 years now.)

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  • Posted to A better way to tweet your Instagram photos, in reply to Alex Marin , Dec 14, 2018

    FWIW, there's a paid option starting at $19/year to remove the branding. In the future that will come along with some more advanced features as well.

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  • Posted to A better way to tweet your Instagram photos, in reply to Alex Marin , Dec 14, 2018

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I didn't think of the "via" making it look it's not the author's own photo. That's an interesting point. I wonder if I could rephrase it to avoid confusion. Any suggestions?

    As for the camera emoji: it's the first time I've heard someone not liking it, but maybe I'll make it configurable. It would save two more characters for the caption.

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  • Posted to A better way to tweet your Instagram photos, Dec 13, 2018

    If you've ever tried tweeting an Instagram post from within the app, you will probably have noticed that your photo doesn't actually show up in the tweet. All it shows is a link back to the Instagram post. Not very useful.

    And while there are some workarounds using automation services such as IFTTT and Zapier, they are 1) not very user-friendly for less tech savvy people, and 2) have some severe limitations because they weren't built specifically for tweeting Instagram pictures. For example they don't properly support posts with multiple photos.

    That's why I created Tweet Photo. You simply connect both your Instagram and Twitter account, and the rest is taken care of. Your Instagram photos will be tweeted automatically from that point forwards. And if you like some more control, you can disable the automated tweets and just include the #tweetphoto hashtag in any Instagram photo you want tweeted.

    I'm curious what the DN community has to say about both the visual design, which is a rather new approach for me, and the user experience, which I've tried to keep as simple as possible.

    Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

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  • Posted to Startup Jobs – Browse all startup jobs in one place , Sep 12, 2018

    About two years ago I added a jobs section to BetaList called BetaList Jobs. As it evolved and grew I decided to spin it off into its own website/brand which I officially launched today.

    Say hello to Startup Jobs :)

    As the name implies it's a search engine for startup jobs. We index literally 1,000's of startups and at any given time have 10,000's of job openings listed.

    It's a one-man team. All coding and design is by me.

    Would love to hear any feedback you have particularly from job seekers as Startup Jobs is in an exception for me in that I'm not a user myself as I run my own business. So I might have some blindspots to the product's design.

    Here are all design jobs btw:


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  • Posted to Startups of 2017, Jan 15, 2017

    Hi DN :)

    Every year we at BetaList look back at the most promising startups of the year and the ones we have high hopes for the coming year. I'd be curious to hear what you think of these and whether you have any (design) feedback for the founders.

    This year we've got quite a mix of different UI approaches (e.g. physical credit card with a display, conversional UI to raise an artificial pet, etc).

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  • Posted to How to make email confirmation a little easier for your users, Mar 08, 2016

    I published this last month and was positively surprised by the amount of feedback I received. Most people seemed to like the idea and one developer even wrote some Javascript to make implementing this a little easier.

    I'd be curious to hear what the DN community things of this approach.

    For reference, here's another article from a few days ago on email confirmation taking a different approach. Both methods could be combined.

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  • Posted to Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb, Dec 29, 2014

    Wait… couldn't you just use Airbnb to find a place to stay while you rent out your place on Airbnb?

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  • Posted to Show DN: Balls – Game I’ve made while I was learning Swift, Nov 04, 2014

    Posting this for my friend Ivan Pashchenko who doesn't have submission privileges yet. He's a designer and this is his first app.

    If anyone has any questions about learning iOS development from a designer's perspective I'm sure he's willing to jump in and answer questions, etc.

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