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Daniel Winter

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  • Posted to Sublime Text 3, in reply to Steve Orchosky , Sep 15, 2017

    clearly you don’t code much then. atom is the slowest editor of the last 40 years.

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  • Posted to Zeplin App Review and Redesign, Dec 14, 2016

    My 40 year old mum rates this colour very splendid =)

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  • Posted to Dear Microsoft, in reply to Pierre de Milly , Nov 04, 2016

    You do know that Visual Studio Code is not an IDE but instead a very sleek editor that uses the same engine as Atom.io but is way faster at doing that?

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  • Posted to Facebook removes gradients from its UI, May 06, 2016

    why blur the mini version of your image but not the big one in the comment box, especially when you post under your real name on DN?

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  • Posted to Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox, in reply to Jonathan Suh , Dec 08, 2015

    these two are owned by google and dropbox, you really think they would do some stuff together? especially since google has started inbox which is basically a better mailbox alternative, it's just missing native desktop apps. and mailbox as gmail only as well..

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  • Posted to Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox, in reply to Vikalp Gupta , Dec 08, 2015

    sadly both pixate and sparrow were acquired by google only to let them fall afterwards.

    learn: never sell your comp to google.

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  • Posted to R.I.P. Ember, in reply to Mitchell Garcia , Dec 01, 2015

    how satisfied are u with emberJS?

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  • Posted to Mac Invoice, in reply to Joe Blau , Oct 02, 2015

    wait... aren't u applying the rule of 72 in the wrong direction in that case?

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  • Posted to Pebble Time Round. , in reply to Jacky S , Sep 25, 2015

    yeah I was already afraid that something like that is the reason. pity.

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  • Posted to Opinion: Web design is now completely boring, Sep 24, 2015

    for years and years we tried to put the content into the focus. Now we are finally at the state where we realized that the content is really what matters and guys like this one start to complain that design is dying. For F***** sake. I am happy that we finally have minimalistic and well designed sites that flow easily into each size and presents the one thing, that is most important, most prominently: CONTENT.

    Look at this nike Air website mentioned in the top of the website. What should that be? ok you see a girl running and you can add effects and stuff, so what? What does this tell me about the product? It's a moodboard, nothing else. eye candy that a real customer doesn't need.

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