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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, Jan 17, 2019

    The new logo moves away from the language centric "S" approach to a more language agnostic idea. Consider the possibilities of using regional languages where users won't feel alienated by an "S".

    This may be a step in the right direction I think.

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  • Posted to Site design: Benjamin Guedj new portfolio, Dec 15, 2015

    Motion sickness. I did not understand which direction to scroll. Please don't customize my natural scroll behavior.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: How many of you work as designers yet can do serious front-end development?, Sep 11, 2015

    I design using Sketch and am able to code in HTML, CSS. I have had good experience designing and coding for mobile web apps so I am familiar with RWD patterns and anti-patterns.

    I find my hold in JS a little sketchy and can do a better job if I can convince myself to learn more JS.

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  • Posted to Is anyone else offended by 'indianred' in CSS4 Color?, Jan 22, 2015

    I am Indian and I am not offended.

    There is soil which does look similar to the color and perhaps they thought it was convenient to name it that way.

    I am really not sure why you'd ask this question.

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  • Posted to Apple's Preview makes taking Notes in PDF a pain in Yosemite, in reply to Jeff Couturier , Dec 30, 2014

    Yes. I agree it has become unnecessary complex. I hope Apple looks into these issues.

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  • Posted to Apple's Preview makes taking Notes in PDF a pain in Yosemite, in reply to Tanner Smith , Dec 30, 2014

    Yes. I checked in regular mode and it looks fine again. Surely, it is a bug in fullscreen mode.

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  • Posted to Apple's Preview makes taking Notes in PDF a pain in Yosemite, Dec 30, 2014

    Here's a direct link to the image screenshot.

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  • Posted to Do you design in the browser?, Nov 12, 2014

    Yes, I built Grunt based Starter kit for myself to allow building in Sass with Live-Reload for multiple devices.

    • Uses Swig for templates and Sass for Styling.
    • References can be passed using JSON available to all templates.
    • Live reload works for all devices.

    This has helped me move away from Codekit and share this with people and team mates without worrying about the platform.

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  • Posted to Introducing FormKeep, Oct 16, 2014

    I like how easy it was to get the form working by just adding the required form elements in my markup. No server side work required. Works really well.

    Can I also get an email notification saying I received a form submission? That would be wonderful.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Simple portfolio site, Sep 19, 2014

    I'd recommend increasing the contrast of the foreground text with the background. Additionally, bump the font size a bit. +2 for the body copy while +4 for the headings.

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